Keep ADL, move to ADE, or keep both, thats the question…

The voting slot has been announced by Adel Ecosystem Ltd. Team: 
27–30th of November

You are allowed to vote if you own 64000+ ADL and have been validated.
The vote will be held on the community portal: See the links on

What are the options?

The ADL coin is currently on the Nxt Blockchain, if you want to keep it the way it is now choose option 1.

If you want to have both ADL as the new, on Ethereum created coin, ADE, choose option 2. Exchanged back and forth.

Do you think Ethereum coin ADE should be the one to win, choose option 3.
Your ADL will be swapped to ADE 1:1.

Why the vote for Ethereum coin ADE?

The reason for the vote is because of Adel’s proposal to enable the new Adel Ethereum coin, ADE, to trade on a wider range of exchanges, increase trading volume, and raise the profile of Adel as a blockchain agnostic incubator.

Adel still plans to create a child chain on Ardor for the Adelshare (ADS) token in Q1’18. With this token you can buy stake in incubated projects where you will receive dividends based on the project‘s performance.

Good luck voting!