Long-term and passionless? Get back to the moon and beyond, Ignite that Passion!

Maybe its good to rethink the things you are doing or following right now.
Reset your preset, undo the auto-pilot and get your brain back to work to ignite the passion you once had for blockchain technology and its development.

Maybe it’s part of laziness and the lack of passion that makes us want to go for the quick bucks and not the long-term future-changing projects that are really delivering.

ICO madness

Nowadays a lot have/or thinking of having their own “blockchain company” where they want to sell stakes to new investors. The Initial Coin Offering’s (ICO) these projects undertake are selling thin air through some fancy marketing and shiny graphics. I have to say, most of them are really good at it.

We humans become more and more lazy to really read the projects white-paper, ask questions and find out if the project selling the ICO will really do what it tells you to do. We just invest and trust the word of someone on the digital web to deliver what they promised. The only thing we are thinking of is how to get quick bucks and not thinking of the risks.

There are so many ICO’s which make it hard for a long-term investor to filter out the good ones, the legit ones and the ones with constant development and a great vision. These projects with vision get overshouted by the non-vision ones that have a great marketing-scheme.

The Lazy people dictate

Humans with the loudest voices get the things they want as the first compared to the ones that wait in line.

Same is happening with the quick-buck projects as I’d like to call them. They shout the loudest and get alot of sheep following them, that attract more investors. The coin connected to the project gets pumped and after the dump the project development team becomes quiet.
Conclusion: The good sheep always end-up losing their money.

It’s hard to avoid these things, but it doesn’t help that the Exchanges keep adding these pump and dump coins. I know they like to earn money, but if we want to get on a higher level things need to change.

Road to World adoption is long

Exchanges and whales have alot of power in the current Blockchain space.
When they want certain projects to get more attention, big Exchanges add these coins, the Whales pump it and the daytraders hype it.

Projects that are on another platform than for example Ethereum which has alot of Liquidity, won’t get the attention they deserve and this makes it hard for them to get at the same level as the top Marketcap projects. 
The big Exchanges won’t add the coins, because the pumpcoins get them faster results, so the daytraders and whales will never get the chance to start investing.

As long as it stays this way world adoption of blockchain technology will take some extra time in my opinion. 
As part of this sort of Monopoly position, most of the top marketcap projects (bitcoin, ethereum etc.) are less innovating as they used to be (laziness) compared to the budgets they have available (as part of the ICO).
And there is no self-initiative of the new blockchain projects to become legally compliant.

This is a warning for new investors. 
Research new projects by yourself and keep asking questions before investing.
Also only invest in what you can afford to lose.

Some of the projects you might have overlooked

Here is an example of some of the projects that I have done some research on lately and that might give a great boost to the blockchain space we know now.

Like I have said above. Research on your own and don’t take my advice for granted.

Ardor Platform (ARDR)
Ardor (ARDR) is a blockchain-as-a-service platform, like Stratis and Ark are but completely different.

Ardor is the first that has solved the blockchain bloat and scaling issues that every blockchain and blockchain platform like Ethereum and Bitcoin faces out there today.

Don’t believe everything that is being told by other blockchain projects as most of them say they solved scaling, but haven’t solved both Bloat and Scaling issues.

NEM for example said they have solved scaling, but they do that by scaling on infrastructure-level. This doesn’t solve the bloat problem that also needs to be solved.

Start your research on www.ardorplatform.org and www.jelurida.com

By the way
The meaning of Ardor is Passion and together with the First Child Chain (advanced version of side chains) called Ignis (meaning Fire) maybe is your spark to Ignite your Passion (again).

Adel Ecosystem Ltd. (ADL)
A community-based blockchain incubator for startups with its own self-sustaining ecosystem.

Not comparable with the DAO as the DAO only did the execution phase, but Adel goes through the whole process from start to finish.

They have held the world’s first KYC/AML/CTF Compliance ICO in May this year and as another comparison with the DAO: 
“How does Adel differ from the DAO?…We don’t want to incubate projects which are illegal, immoral or unethical”
Gabriel Dusil at Bitcoin and Blockchain Conference in Stockholm, 7th September 2017

See my other article for more explanation about the Possibilities as a member:

or check out their Bitcointalk for an overview: 

Thanks for your time!