The Community vote of the ADL coin

Dec 8, 2017 · 5 min read

Last week, a community vote has been held about keeping the ADL coin on Nxt blockchain or migrating it to Ethereum blockchain as an ERC-20 one.

Voting results

As you can see the majority of the Adel members has voted to migrate to Ethereum. The timeline for the migration hasn’t been announced yet, but I hope it will be before Christmas this year.

Because of the proposal and vote, there have been some questions asked by the Nxt community.

I want to thank the Nxt-er’s for asking the questions and the Adel team for answering them.


The Nxt community would like to know why Adel decided to move their coin to Ethereum.
It was not Adel that decided to move ADL to Ethereum. It was the community members that decided. Adel prepared the vote, but we left it to the community in the end to decide. The result was that 76% of the voting majority chose to move ADL to Ethereum.

For voting transparency why didn't Adel use the Nxt blockchain?
Adel didn't use the blockchain because the development resources weren’t available to implement it in time. It was purely a development resource issue. Certainly a blockchain vote would have been ideal, but we don't feel that voting transparency is good during the vote itself because we believe it leads to voting manipulation.

The vote for ADL to Ethereum seemed to be sudden. Why weren’t we given more time to decide?
Adel announced the planned vote on November 6th. The community had 3 weeks notice to discuss this proposal, and three days in which to vote, from November 27-30, 2017.

Since the vote was not on the Nxt Blockchain we are concerned with the lack of transparency of the voting results. Please comment.
If the issue is with transparency with the vote, Adel has no issues to release the anonymized voting results.

I haven’t received my bounty payment yet. Why not?
Regarding bounties, our developer has finally began to focus on a CMS for the bounty distribution, now that the collaboration module has been released. We will issue bounties very shortly. We apologise for the delay.

Update: payments of bounties started 10th of December

Extra response by Adel team
In addition, it’s worth mentioning that we are not "moving away" from Nxt. We have communicated that we are blockchain agnostic since the beginning of creating Adel. But in the early days, until now we were only on Nxt. So there may be this perception that we are moving away from Nxt, but what we are really doing is expanding our presence in the blockchain space. The future ADS token will still reside on the Ardor platform, for example - that is yet another blockchain. The community vote to swap ADL to Ethereum is just exercising this blockchain agnostic nature. In the future, if we add a third blockchain, or a forth, it won’t mean that we are abandoning Nxt and Ethereum. This will highlight the value of additional blockchains into the Adel ecosystem. We actually anticipate that this will be the response of these respective communities. The "Us vs. Them" scenario is very strong in cryptocurrency, and we are one of the first companies to say, "let’s work together in crypto, to raise the profile of blockchain as a brand, so that the entire world benefits." Adel, in this context, is like the United Nations of blockchain.”

Why ERC-20 And what happens Nxt?

When the proposal was Published, two groups emerged.
1 happy to move to Ethereum and 1 happy to stay on Nxt/Ardor.

That the reason of the proposal is only to support daytraders is short-sited though.

ADL as ERC-20 can serve to:

▲ Bring new members
▲ Bring new expertise to Adel
▲ Raise the awareness of Adel in other blockchain communities
▲ Increase trading volume, market cap, and coin value
▲ Increase Adel’s exposure as an agnostic blockchain
▲ Widen Adel’s reach in Crypto when projects are launched
▲ Bring new strategic partnership opportunities
▲ Diversifies Adel’s equity into additional blockchain baskets
▲ Etc.

Talking about a complete abandonning of Nxt ecosystem is incorrect.

Nxt is a great PoS platform that has been running since end of 2013 in production without any issues and with alot of great built-in features. Adel as a blockchain agnostic community incubator, will surely use Nxt if it fits the needs of the incubated project.

Also the 1st of January 2018, Nxt’s brother on steroids, called Ardor, will become available.

Adel is still planning to use Ardor for its upcoming Adelshares (ADS) — Q1 2018, where you can buy stake in incubated projects and receive dividends in return. Think for example of the new Uber, the New AirBnB, etc.

Personally I love to compare Adel with Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do, in my own words: use the best features of the blockchain projects around, collaborate with them and the community to be able to strive for efficiency, directness, simplicity and to be able to quickly adept.

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