Getting the design right, getting the right design

In our everyday life we engage with design almost every second, because most of the things we use daily have been designed by somebody to have a certain function and purpose or to have a certain look or style. The Oxford Dictionary defines design as follows: “A plan or drawing produced to show the look and function or workings of a building, garment, or other object before it is made.”

But not only objects and buildings get designed, also websites and applications are created with having these two aspects — functionality and style — in mind. According to Bill Buxton, when creating a website or an app you have to consider two factors — “getting the right design”, by which he means the idea and creation, and “getting the design right”, which refers to the usability excellence of the product.

With this blogpost we want to cover the issue of usability and show you the cheap and instant way to test your website’s and apps performance directly with your target audience.

Usability research is a discipline on its own, which is becoming more and more important. Traditionally, if you would like to check your website or your app on usability, you would go to a research agency and let the professionals test your website on test persons before issuing you an analysis and a report. This is very useful but also very expensive (both time and money) and done in a lab.

So the newest cheap and easy way to instantly check the usability of your website is by doing unmoderated remote usability testing online. A platform that offers such tests is

It is designed to help you check the functionality of your site as often as you want. According to the usability professionals, 5 tests is enough to get an adequate feedback. So all you have to do is to register, choose one or more test persons and book a test. You will receive a video result, which shows the test person in it’s natural environment using and commenting your website.