Office versus Home — Benefits When Your Home Is Your Office

Working from home is a hot topic right now and as with every new trend, there is much discussion going on about it. While many companies support the idea of their employees working from home — and while many newly established tech businesses are based on people working from home because they do not have offices — many companies are still fighting this new trend.

According to the survey by Microsoft called “Work Without Walls” the biggest discrepancy in opinions is between employers and employees: “Employers and employees view remote working differently. The underlying issue resides in the two basic principles of trust and control. Business leaders assume employees who work remotely and take advantage of the policy are not really working. This is because of the loss of control. Employers lose direct oversight and cannot witness productivity firsthand.”

But lack of control and lack of oversight do not necessarily mean that your employees are not working. Even more so, the above mentioned survey found the following 10 benefits of working from home, from the point of view of the employee, which are more or less self-explanatory:

1. Work/home balance (60%)

2. Save gas (55%)

3. Avoid traffic (47%)

4. More productive (45%)

5. Less distractions (44%)

6. Eliminate long commute (44%)

7. Quieter atmosphere (43%)

8. Less stressful environment (38%)

9. More time with family (29%)

10. Environmentally friendly (23%)

However if one tries to analyse these points more closely, it seems that they all lead to tackling three main issues — better productivity and efficiency of an employee, lower costs for the company and positive influence on the environment.

So in case you are working for a company that does not allow you to work from home, maybe it is time for a change because there are plenty of jobs out there which are home based and bring the above listed benefits. And of course with a remote job you can earn a decent salary as well as choose when and where you want to work. A platform that offers work from home possibility is because you can register as a tester and check websites on usability whenever and wherever it suits you.


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