Why Tom Fornelli is a joke.

A week ago Tom Fornelli put out a report on CBSSports.com about the most overrated teams in College football. His number one team was our Tennessee Volunteers.

This is fine it is his opinion. One Vols fans made sure to let him hear about it. A lot. Although he fell into the trap rival fanbases have by stating Tennessee squandering leads as a reason and saying Tennessee started ranked and became unranked until late in the season and that bc they didn’t win the East they failed to reach expectations. That is bull crap sir.

Let me lay some stats Fornelli. Tennessee was predicted at SEC Media Days to finish second in the East. It was the first time the Vols were predicted higher than fourth since 2008. Tennessee started the season #25 in the AP Poll and #23 in the Coaches Poll. After beating Vanderbilt, Tennessee made the CFP Poll at #25 and rose to #23 heading into Bowl Season. After crushing #12 Northwestern, Tennessee jumped to #21 in the AP Poll and #22 in the Coaches Poll. If you are scoring at home the Vols finished higher in the polls meaning they were actually probably underrated.

They did have collapses in the 4th quarter but Tennessee was actually the most competitive team in over a decade, losing by a combined 17 points. If you are scoring at home the Vols finished higher in the polls meaning they

Fornelli didn’t stop there. He continued to stoke the flames via CBSSports and Twitter.

In this article he picked Tennessee to finish third in the East despite Tennessee being a much more stable team for the 2016 season. Florida has a lot of personnel issues: whether it be from losses due to graduation or NFL attrition or the most damning: Off the field distractions dating back to arrests of Tyrie Cleveland and Rick Wells getting into legal trouble over shooting BB guns in their dorm rooms, to Antonio Callaway’s rape allegations that were stunningly swept under the rug by Florida and the same national media that crucified Tennessee during the Title IX lawsuit, even though much of the anger was based on hearsay. Callaway was cleared of all wrongdoing by a booster to the football program presiding over the judiciary precedings. And then there’s the bizarre offseason of Jalen “Teez” Tabor. First the kid can’t keep Tennessee out of his mouth on Twitter and then later on the Paul Finebaum Show. Then Jim MacElwain and Florida gave the kid a trip to New York for his own SEC Media Days. Then came news that Tabor and a teammate, C’yontai Lewis, got into a beef on the practice field resulting in a suspension. Tabor and his mom then took to Twitter to complain about how unfair attacking a teammate caused his and Lewis’s suspension. Tabor wasn’t done though. He continued to fight Lewis via Twitter which led to him deleting his Twitter account for a few days only to reemerge sans the tweets he sent to Lewis.

As for Georgia, the other team he picked over Tennessee, is a constant underachiever with all the talent they seem to bring in. This year Georgia has key personnel issues. They lost practically their entire front seven and they lack experience on the offensive line and a consistent and solid corp of wide receivers which begs the question of why do Georgia fans want Jacob Eason, a true Freshman, to start so badly. Add in the fact Sony Michel broke his wrist on July 4 in an ATV accident and Nick Chubb is coming off a serious leg injury he suffered against Tennessee at Neyland last October, this is a recipe for disaster. Greyson Lambert, while a mediocre quarterback, is definitely better choice than forcing a Freshman into the fire in the first five games that include games vs 22 North Carolina in Atlanta, @ 12 Ole Miss and vs 9 Tennessee. Georgia, like Florida also suffered from arrests and controversy regarding transfer issues.

So why is Fornelli picking them over Tennessee despite all these issues? No idea but this tweet was an unnecessary jab and childish.

Really that is your reasoning? You picked against UT because you picked them to win the East last year when it was widely believed Tennessee was a year from truly being a contender? Come on Fornelli you are better than that

Whoops maybe not! Seriously he picked Kentucky to make it to the SEC Championship the year after they went 2–10.

There is also some belief that Tom Fornelli is still peeved that Tennessee wholloped his alma mater Northwestern in the Outback Bowl to the tune of 45–6.

Tom Fornelli is a joke and should be shamed for using silly reasons for not picking Tennessee instead of using stats and roster strengths as his reasons.

When you can come up with a solid reason for UT to be picked by a turmoil-filled Florida team and a chronic underachieving Georgia team, we can talk. Until Fornelli I laugh at your stupidity.

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