The Least Sexy Human Trait

Race Bannon
Mar 27, 2019 · 1 min read
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Someone asked me recently what I thought would be the “least” sexy thing about a person.

I thought about it for a while, a full day in fact, and my answer was “laziness.”

  • Intellectual laziness.
  • Employment laziness.
  • Spiritual laziness.
  • Introspection laziness.
  • Physical laziness.
  • Political laziness.
  • Self-improvement laziness.
  • Community contribution laziness.

Laziness in all its forms is a major turn off for me.

Physical beauty or a bubbly personality only last so long as a turn on for me. If I eventually sense a lazy person I am turned off and that person no longer becomes attractive to me regardless of the externals.

The flip side of that is often someone of average beauty or quiet personality can be monumentally sexy to me once I sense they’re fully engaged with life. They don’t have to cure cancer or save the world, but they must be truly engaged with life to be sexy.

I also think many of the other negatives that make someone unsexy are directly related to laziness. As an example, I believe evil and mean-spiritedness stem from intellectual, spiritual and introspection laziness. For me, laziness is in many ways the ultimate human fault.

How about you? What traits do you consider not sexy?

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