The Wisdom of Patrick Mulcahey

This article is most likely of interest to those who traverse the kink/BDSM/fetish worlds, but others might find it worthwhile reading as well. Smart and wise people tend to offer insights and ideas that cross topical boundaries.

Every culture has its voices. Some voices are loud. Some are motivating. Some lead. And some are just plain wise.

The specific culture I’m referencing here is encapsulated in the phrase “kink/BDSM/fetish,” although in some sectors they use the term “leather” as an identifier. Regardless, this culture is a loosely affiliated set of certain types of sexuality-based communities that intersect to varying degrees. They are comprised of those who erotically play and socialize on the more adventurous end of the sexuality spectrum. In short, they’re kinky.

Having called this band of erotic adventurers one of my home base circle of friends and acquaintances for decades, many of the voices from these communities have resonated with me, but a select few stand out. Everyone is impacted differently by writings or speeches, but certain voices seem to consistently bang around in my head and produce levels of insight, wonder and agreement that elevate to another plane.

This article is the first of a few in which I plan to give certain voices a wider platform. In the interest of full transparency, the person I’ve selected to highlight initially is a friend, a close friend. Nonetheless, I stand by my contention that his voice is valuable and deserving of a wider audience.

The voice belongs to Patrick Mulcahey, a man I deem one of the best writers and speakers I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading or hearing.

Without fail, every time Patrick writes or utters words from a stage, I am in awe. The brain inside Patrick’s head is, for me, a communal treasure that needs preservation and a wider audience.

Patrick crafts words with the dexterity of a Christopher Isherwood, thoughts with the philosophical insight of a Bertrand Russell, and diplomacy with the deft of a Madeline Albright.

So, here, in no particular order, is a curated selection of some of Mr. Mulcahey’s writings and speeches that I hope you find as worthy of your reading time as I do. Enjoy.

Sin in the City — Keynote Speech

First, Be a Human Being

Leather Reign — Keynote Speech

On “Building Community” — Master/slave Conference Keynote Speech

Patrick Mulcahey on “Defining Leather”


Five Weddings, Four Lawyers, Three Ghosts, One Bound Bear

The Handsomest Man in New York

Leadership , and Buying a Ticket — Leather Leadership Conference Keynote Speech

Do Good Tops Really Start on the Bottom?

Tidings of Service and Joy

Judging IML

Of Gay Pride and Gay Shaming