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What’s Happening?

In an ongoing effort to optimize the RAE ecosystem, a new tool has been developed to increase minting efficiency and automatically handle edge scenarios that could occur as the network grows.


The RAE Ecosystem has radically transformed the way in which content creators are compensated. Simply put, it is the only platform that transmits the full value to those who generate it- the creators. This is made possible through the RAE token.

Value is transmitted through the RAE token because of two key features: burn and mint. The burn function is relatively easy to understand. For every dollar that the platform receives, the equivalent amount of RAE tokens are burned. …

KyberSwap x Torus

Update — September 2020 — Guides with video are now available in a stack on our Rokfin Channel: Buy RAE

The teams at KyberSwap and Torus recently announced their products’ powerful integration. While you may be familiar with KyberSwap from the Coinbase Wallet guide, connecting with Torus allows for even easier, one-click wallet creation simply using your Google, Facebook, Reddit, Twitch, or Discord account.

This integration is a major step towards mainstream adoption. The above announcement breaks down all of the steps and options available. This guide’s goal is to summarize the basic steps below to buy and hold RAE.

Rather use a phone app? …

Last week, we rolled out version 1.0 of the RAE Dashboard. Its goal is to provide everyone with real-time data about the status of the RAE Network and the RAE Token in an easy to read format. This article breaks down what each metric represents. Coming soon: More metrics!

Price and Volume

  • (Above Top Left) Current Price of RAE — Shows the price of 1 RAE Token as read from Coinranking.com.
  • (Bottom Left) Total 24h Volume of RAE — Shows the volume ($) of RAE purchases over the last 24 hours. …



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