An Easy Guide To Buying RAE Tokens

Aug 27 · 2 min read

***Note — RAE follows the ERC20 standard. If you already have ETH and an ERC20 compatible wallet, jump to Create a Mercatox Account***

Rokfin exists to become the world’s best platform for creators and media companies to monetize their content.

To achieve such an ambitious goal, content creators must be rewarded for their full value, which requires them to receive credit for the lifetime value of the subscribers that they acquire and retain, as well as for the network effects that their content contributes to.

Paying in cash does not allow creators to be compensated in this manner, nor does it align content creators with the digital platforms who host and publish their content. This is precisely why we decided on a new and innovative approach: the RAE Token.

By rewarding content creators in RAE Tokens, it allows them to participate in the growth of the network.

We’ve received an incredible response from people who appreciate the enormous problem that we are solving for, and who want to support this project by buying RAE Tokens.

Following are easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions on how you can buy RAE Tokens.

Please click into the steps to learn more.

  1. Create an Ether wallet
  2. Buy Ether (ETH) with U.S. dollars
  3. Create a Mercatox account
  4. Buy RAE Tokens with Ether (ETH)


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The best way for creators to monetize their content. Email or for info on how to buy or sell RAE Tokens.

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