Sensors on the roof of RAND’s Santa Monica headquarters could help Los Angeles lead the nation into a cleaner, greener future.

RAND researcher Robert Lempert with the newly installed array of data-generating sensors on the roof of RAND’s Santa Monica headquarters. Photo by Diane Baldwin/RAND Corporation

Los Angeles, once the U.S. capital of smog and sprawl, has vowed to lead the nation into a cleaner, greener future by stamping out carbon pollution. A small array of sensors installed this month on the roof of RAND’s Santa Monica headquarters could help it get there.

The sensors sniff…

Can technologies shift demographic trends in migration, fertility, morbidity, and mortality? And if so, how?

by Esther M. Friedman and Andrew M. Parker

Woman interacts with her cat while on a video meeting. Photo by vgajic/Getty Images

When the pandemic first struck, technological capabilities that already existed quickly became a critical and increasingly common part of people’s lives. It became routine to work or attend school from home, or for visits to the doctor’s office to be conducted via…

If NATO were to decide to stand firmly together, conflict in Europe may be deterred and strategic stability restored.

by Terrence Kelly, Timothy M. Bonds, Michael Johnson

Russian President Vladimir Putin attends his annual special televised question and answer session at the World Trade Centre in Moscow, Russia, June 30, 2021. Photo by Alexei Nikolsky/Reuters

Russian President Putin may believe the time is right to invade Ukraine if NATO refuses to meet his demands. Reports indicate that he sees the Biden administration as weak after the pullout from Afghanistan, and in 2014, Russia felt sufficiently confident of…

As the pandemic continues, policymakers will want to keep safety-net provisions as available policy options.

by Christine Eibner and Jodi L. Liu

A pandemic is a terrible time to lose health insurance coverage. Yet, for a segment of the 23 million workers who suddenly lost jobs in spring of 2020, that was a fear-inducing possibility.

New data from the Census Bureau and the U.S. Department…

Here are the 10 RAND research projects that resonated most with readers in 2021.

Most popular research of 2021

The year began with a deadly attack on American democracy. On January 6, a mob of insurrectionists, persuaded by falsehoods about the 2020 presidential election, laid siege to the U.S. Capitol, attacking law enforcement officers and calling for the sitting vice president to be hanged.

And while 2021 was the…

RAND senior policy analyst Jacqueline Burns wants to find better solutions to the complex questions of peace and security.

Jacqueline Burns, bottom right, with former Special Envoy for Sudan and South Sudan, Ambassador Donald Booth, at an Internally Displaced Person camp in Darfur, Sudan, 2016. Photo courtesy of Jacqueline Burns; images by oxygen and JeanUrsula/Getty Images; design by Chara Williams/RAND Corporation

Jacqueline Burns joined the U.S. Air Force because she wanted to help people, face to face, on the ground, whose lives had been torn apart by conflict or disaster. She was still in training when the attacks of 9/11 changed the mission.

Burns, now a senior policy analyst at RAND…

The best RAND videos from the past year brought our research to life in new ways. Hit play on our top five videos of 2021.

Video highlights of 2021

The best RAND videos from the past year brought our research to life in new ways.

From the sidewalks of Pittsburgh to preschools in the Middle East, see how people around the world are using RAND research to make their communities safer and more secure, healthier and more prosperous. …

Students from historically Black colleges and universities teamed up with Pardee RAND doctoral students to explore public policy issues.

Hacking Equity text on abstract background. Image by Peter Soriano/RAND Corporation

Is there a relationship between historically redlined neighborhoods and COVID-19 vaccination rates? How has the pandemic affected incarcerated people? Why do some communities have less access to health care?

Those were among the public policy questions that teams of students from three historically Black colleges and universities tackled as part…

Overall, American support for sharing vaccines with other countries was high even before the Omicron variant.

by Katherine Grace Carman and Anita Chandra

Authorities receive a shipment of COVID-19 vaccines donated by the United States through the U.N. Covax program in La Paz, Bolivia, September 26, 2021. Photo by Josué Antonio Castañeta/Ulan/Pool/Latin American News Agency via Reuters

With the World Health Organization’s announcement of the Omicron variant of COVID-19 and the identification of the variant in the United States, there is renewed attention to the global threat imposed by COVID-19. Even with vaccination and boosters in the United States, new…

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