The Power of an Audience
Kevin Toy

Man, I didn’t know you wrote a blog! This is awesome!

In m personal opinion, I agree with the whole connection aspect that Twitter can provide, yet also feels like the character limit is not enough to express ourselves (I’ve seen a couple of posts that were so long, the tweeter had to reply to themselves and even use a page # system to keep track).

As someone who’s mainly a spectator, I too would desire that we empower the players in the scene. At the end of the day, we are all humans; we all have our own quirks and things that makes us unique. The personalities in this community is what’s keeping me invested in the scene when I don’t have the time to try and join tournaments.

As someone who is a fan of M2K, it is disheartening to see him write pessimistic tweets. Even if we the fans push for him (and I suppose other players) to move from their losses and keep going, sometimes it might come off as a little abrasive. (I do feel like this community can express their opinions quite strongly at times lol). Therefore; if there’s an opportunity where the players can express their opinions uninhibited and the fans can listen to it, then I am more than down for it. When we can be ourselves, I find that’s where the beauty of the community lies.

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