RARA Special Gift for Vogue NFT Collectors

Vogue Singapore embarks into the NFT Metaverse in a lead up to launch of the September Issue themed ‘New Beginnings’ with a sunrise as the leitmotif to signify a new dawn.

There are 10 city cards belonging to 4 rarity tiers. Users can collect the first 10 cards on the 1st station- Binance NFT platform from 20th August to 27th August 11 am (UTC) and the last city card — the Singapore Card on the 2nd station on the RARA platform. The followings are the details of Vogue NFTs on RARA platform:

  • Purchase period: 12:00 PM(UTC) 27, August-12:00 PM(UTC) 1, September
  • The price of NFT Mystery Box: 5 RARA tokens
  • The distribution of NFT Cards:
  • There is no limit to the number of NFT cards you can buy. Anyone can buy the NFT mystery box and sell the NFTs in the marketplace on RARA platform.

In addition, to celebrate RARA’s participation in Vogue Singapore’s 1st NFT Series Release, RARA is giving away $5,000 RARA special rewards to Vogue SG NFT collectors.

Total Reward Pool: $5,000 RARA tokens

Reward distribution

  • $1000 for users who collected the most Singapore NFT Cards on RARA platform.
  • $2000 for users who collected more than 5 NFT Cards of Singapore on RARA platform. All users who collected more than 5 NFT Cards of Singapore can share the reward of $2000.
  • $2000 for users who collected the full set of 11 cards. All users who collected all the 11 cities’ NFT Cards(Singapore Cards on RARA platform, 10 city Cards on Binance NFT platform) can share the reward of $2000.

*Only one reward per address or UID.

How to claim the reward?

*The rewards will be distributed before 9 September.

The ultimate Prize of Vogue NFT Series

Users who own the full set of 11 city NFT Cards will automatically be eligible to join a Lucky Draw to have the chance to win 2 luxury watches worth about $20,000.

The complimentary Prize of Vogue NFT Series

1. Users with 3 New York NFTs will stand a chance to receive elite memberships and room vouchers with HoteLux.

2. All 10 NFTs have special rights and privileges associated with the fashion world and metaverse (to be announced soon).

3. All 10 NFTs have unique utility in the Vogue Ecosystem.

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