Issa Connection

We all have these different connections to people in our lives. I truly believe that every single one of these people are there for a reason. Every small interaction as well, I feel that it all connects missing pieces like a storyboard. Naturally as humans we do focus more on the people that are in our presence the most. Which makes sense, because as hard as it is to admit the out of sight out of mind thing does exist. But I plan to get back to that particular thing later. I’ve been doing alot of growing as you all know. It’s been good for me in the full spectrum of things. Growing is not always easy to handle at all. It’s sort of like having growing pains, matter of fact it’s exactly that. At the moment these growing pains are coming in the form of people it seems. This is tricky because you have to be attentive to the energy you keep around you. We can be blind to certain energy but some energies are just so undeniable good or bad. These energies which in this case are people, can be family, friends or just acquaintances.


I feel that family may be the most difficult with balancing out the right energies (people). These are our loved ones so we don’t want to hurt feelings or ruffle feathers. The silver lining with this is that your family usually wants the best for you. So you’ll have some supporters and you’ll have some that don’t agree with your choice to avoid negative energy but at some point down the line out should be understood and respected. The same goes with friends to a certain degree. With friends though, if you’re attentive you should be able to make the conscious decision based off of your track record with this friend or friends. Acquaintances are tricky, these come and go; or in. a rare case become part of that group of friends or family. To revisit the out of sight out of mind point. I feel that if the energy of a person is right, that person will be present no matter the situation.

Last but not least I want to talk about the timing of when certain people intervene into your life. We can try to figure out why at the moment this person has been placed in your life but it’s not fully understood I feel until it reveals itself naturally.🗽 Reaching for answers I feel complicates or prolongs the fate factor of whatever is inevitable.

With all this said though, these are just my personal thoughts and observations. Maybe I have some people the feel the same way or opposite. I’m open to any new perspectives and enjoy growing from these interactions. So let me know how you feel about all of this!

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