The day started,grew up, became noon, afternoon came,evng and finally night and day which had announced its coming with the fanfare and cacophony of variety of sounds- of chirping of birds,of rustling of leaves,of whistling of cool breeze,of creaking of doors opening,of pans clanging and pots boiling in the kitchen,of gushing sound of running taps in the bathroom,of gurgling sound of toilet cistern-is finally winding up,taking its few last breaths…there been many such days in my life so far-my life is nothing but aggregate of such days came and went,born and died- but me been growing riding on these cyclical wheeling of days…at times when I pause and look back then a feeling of deep pang runs down my spine with a thought that has I lived my life the way I should have lived?…like today it was mrng walks inside the JNU campus,as the first event of the day-it was sort of guided tour aided by one employee of this prestigious institute-,I also felt being emotional at few places like while passing in front of that famous Jawahar book shop — this was the shop where I had come,during my student days, to purchase few books for CSE preparation and then I had filled with awe being inside this premier institute standing amongst smartly talking JNUites -…..second event was meeting and long conversation with whistleblower of famous Vyapam case-who been in news since this corruption scandal started in M.P….visited coffee beans and Tea Leaves Khan Market twice- first to meet one ex- Wing Commander,expert on communication technologies, who is running his own consultancy now and recently been to visit of Russia and Belarus and second time to entertain two ppl from my home district Banda- young entrepreneurs who were passing through Delhi after their’s one day business trip to few chapters of Yo Man book…watched Kapil Sharma show and day is gone..dying now,on it’s death bed,becoming past,slipping away…what should I make of such passing off my life?… Am I been growing as human being or just been floating along on the currents of passing days?..although there are no concrete objective standards to quantify this growth but I think definitely there been some perceptible growth if I look back and recap my journey from a small village of Banda then through stopovers like Jhansi,Atarra,Allahabad,Hyderabad,Raipur,Balaghat,Jabalpur,Korba,Rajgarh,Satna,Bhopal,Bhind,Indore,Chhindwara,Bhopal,Shahdol,Itanagar and now Delhi..each passing year had put me few miles ahead of previous point…I kept on becoming more evolved and more humane …so although days would come and go in future also- till my final annihilation- as they been doing since start of my life journey but it gives me some satisfaction with the thought that each passing day adds something positive in me….Gn

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