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Why some doctors are learning to code?

It’s not that doctors don’t have enough work to do.

Keep Calm, Drink Coffee & Learn to Code

This post by Christina Farr was published online in late 2015 and still one of my favourites posts. I read this in a period where I wanted to learn more about electronic medical/health records (eMR /eHR)and digital health in general. The reason was very clear , many clinicians spend hours every day; just to gather important patient information already exist in different places, some in paper files, some in clunky computer systems, some on site, some elsewhere waiting to be send via fax . At times we keep repeating the same, because simply we do not have the critical information at the point of care to make sound clinical decisions.

Despite many other industries and business taking advantage of new digital technology; health care still hanging on to endless paper systems, fax machines and segmental services deliveries. You don’t need to be an expert in health economics to understand the amount of resources are wasted every day. Why we continue to waste resources? All us use digital technologies every day; including internet banking, online purchases , sending highly personal “stuff” to others via mobile apps, emails, and on internet.

However when it come to healthcare technology, THE FEAR still manage to win over embracing THE DIGITAL CHANGE needed to provide better consumer centred care and reduce the resources waste.

It’s time for you and me as clincians ; those who do care about our patients to do something about this. THE DIGITAL CHANGE needs to come from clinicians. A good way to start is to learn more about digital health technologies and how other industries leverage the benefits over the risks involved. Learning how to code is part of my learning of digital health. I am not suggesting we all need to learn how to code but in her post below Christina Farr tells you five good reason, why some doctor are learning to code.

“It never fails to surprise me when I meet a doctor who can write computer code. How do people who work such long hours caring for patients find the time to build websites and mobile apps? But in an era of electronic medical records and telemedicine, it’s handy to be technically proficient. So some doctors are teaching themselves to code or attending dev bootcamps to learn from professionals. These doctors are leveraging their combined knowledge of computer science and medicine to tackle health care problems. Read more

About the author Christina Farr was born and raised in London and has graduate degrees from University of London and the Stanford School of Journalism. Farr’s work has appeared in a variety of publications, including the New York Times and the Daily Telegraph. She has appeared as a featured expert on NBC, ABC and Reuters TV, among others, and frequently speaks at health and technology conferences.