EDTS240 Module 10/11 tasks

What can you do as a preservice and beginning teacher, to challenge the traditional education assessment paradigm?

We have been hearing a lot about NAPLAN both at UNI, and during our practical experience. I must say that there is a resounding opinion that formal assessments such as NAPLAN have the ability to do more harm than good.


As a beginning and preservice teacher, what I can do to lessen the stress on my students is assess them in a variety of ways that meet the different needs of students. By using strategies such as assessment for, as and of learning, students should be less aware of how much they are being assessed and therefore display a more accurate depiction of their true skills.

Another strategy would be to implement more project based learning and group tasks so that students can play on their strengths. Some students may need adjustments to how their final product will be presented, for example, some students are great with oral presentations, but would perform poorly in a written task. By varying the assessment requirements within how students can meet the outcomes, we will be making the whole process more equal.



NAPLAN image retrieved from https://www.davidhornsby.com.au/naplan/

Success image retrieved from http://dannykennedyfitness.com/success-leaves-clues/

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