Images… One might say I’m a tad obsessed…

How do we understand and create images?

In the good old days before the internet I would cut out pictures from magazines and stash them away in crazily organized folders. Then once the internet hit, I switched to downloading them (and sorting them into crazily organized folders on my desktop) But one day, at last — Pinterest! Thank goodness for online image organization and storage and whatever else you want to refer to it as. My thirst for pretty things, funny things, amazing things and all things useless, inspiring, relaxing or whatever is now satisfied and takes up zero space in my home.

Perhaps it’s because both my parents are artists, perhaps I’m just totally shallow and obsessed with pretty things, perhaps it’s totally normal. Whatever the reason, I love images.

My childhood consisted of being dragged through art galleries as my parents made their appearances at whichever exhibition was on. In between playing with the two adorable whippets at Watters Gallery and dodging sparkling water which was disappointingly Never lemonade, my father took me under his wing and spent the time to find something in various artworks that would intrigue me or help me understand or appreciate my world more. I hated going to the galleries because my older sister gave me the impression that it was not to be enjoyed and it can be pretty boring at times for a young child, but secretly, I loved it. The time spent with my dad one on one amongst the crowds formed memories that I still cherish. It also instilled in me, an appreciation for others. Not just artists, but people in general.

Just like literature, art can expose you to situations that you would otherwise never encounter. It evokes emotion, understanding and an insight to the differences and similarities between us as the human race. I may be drifting off topic a little here, but to me, images don’t just serve as click bait. They are used to explain, communicate, connect and involve.

How do we create these images? Any which way you like… With your SLR, phone, tablet, hands, feet, whatever! Images are anything and everything. Instagram wouldn’t be such a dominant force without the power behind images. No matter the tools — digital or raw that you choose to create your images, just create them. Never stop. Make them, share them, print them, keep them, admire them and reflect on them. Behold the power of the image!

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