desperately seeking horton

this place? medium? ha. it doesn’t feel “medium”, it feels HUGE. there are already hundreds of articles. HUNDREDS! and it’s in BETA! when the public gets a hold of this it will explode. already, i am a who calling out from whoville, willing anyone to listen. i attempt to snag attention. look at me! look at me! i can see my stats. no one is looking.

maybe i am missing the point here, but so far, all i see is a collection of essays i will never have time to read. i can read two, maybe three per day, but many times that number are added so it’s not like i am ever going to read them all. it’s not quantifiable and it’s not static and please believe me when i say: i don’t need those qualities. HOWEVER, it’s not unique to be dynamic and of unknown volume. the entire web is that way. ginormous quantities of ever-changing information - who cares?

a pile of words. bah. what use is it? we collectively gaze at our communal navel. to what end?

it’s not different here. it’s not useful here. it’s not even tidy here. i allow my verbal drop to fall into this sea of words and it disappears. it’s just swallowed right up, never to be seen again. the collections are self-classifying and vague. is this essay about something i learned today? or, is this my (not so) humble opinion? both? neither? i thought about this whilst running, so perhaps this fits in the running collection. and there’s always the option of creating my own collection… however, even though i don’t see the POINT of this place, i do not believe drawing that sort of box around my content is it.

i don’t know where my own words belong, much less how to locate words of interest produced by others. the natural response to this inundation is peruse only the cream that rises to the homepage[1], but the cream rose in response to others churning. it doesn’t satisfy MY hunger.

dynamic. voluminous. disorganized. unsatisfying. impersonal.

i am here! i am here! i am here!!


i don’t need another place to feel small.

[1] in a wild fit of irony, or perhaps… serendipity, a post of mine hit the homepage today.