feeling who’ish

be careful what you wish for because you just might get it.

i wrote this post about my dissatisfaction with having found yet another place to wallow in anonymous obscurity. later that same day, one of my posts was selected as an editor’s pick.

and the rest is history. ::rimshot::

no, seriously. i am clocking in the hundreds of views on the “serendipity” piece. or, in other words, about the same number of views i’ve had TOTAL in my five or so years of blogging. what the hell?

i am curious to know if “horton” contributed to the editor’s pick of “serendipity”. i know i’d be tempted, were i the editor, to blow the cover off some silly whiner sulking like a goth in the corner.

as soon as “serendipity” hit the front page, i regretted my petulance and was tempted to withdraw “horton”, but you know what? it is what it is. “horton” hit a vein of its own, got a few views and even garnered a twitter prop. pluswise, it’s not like i understand this place any more today than i did when i posted “horton”.

i mean, the stats are fun, but to what end? i can’t see who is recommending the post, or where they’re recommending it to. is that purposeful, or did i find an incomplete feature?

i have more views than reads. what constitutes a view? what’s a read? i have done a little testing, and i don’t think my own views of my own pieces are counted, but what of the remainder… are those unique views and unique reads?

it’s still impossible to find anything. no keywords. no searching. is that by design? and, if so, what the hell??

the content piles remain impenetrable. some pieces are “recommended” but… by whom? how? and why? the list can be sorted to show recommended first, or newest first, but what of the hundreds (no doubt soon to be thousands) of posts in between?

you’re forced to choose a category and then create an entry. what if when you get done… the entry has evolved into something that belongs in another category? is this entry, here, this very one — is it really about something i learned today? um… no?

no, i don’t understand this place any better than i did yesterday.

i simply feel acceptance now that i wasn’t feeling then.

and, i will forgive a lot of misunderstandings in favor of acceptance. (now… THAT’s complicated.)