hic est consilium

Neat-n-Quiet noise cancelling headphones don’t muss my hair.

SkypeWall allows me to dine with far-flung family.

WristFitter watch band fits my freakishly tiny wrist—and is NOT attached to a Hello-Kitty watch.

Hide-a-Car mechanical car park tucks cars into underground slots and is more efficient—and environmentally friendly—than a slab of paving.

PullMyCord laptops have automatically retractable cords.

FinishThis desktop-window alarm (adjustable to X amount of time after a file is opened) asks: “did you mean to do something with…” the budget file or note to the boss or whatever it is that’s been buried under a dozen other windows.

GoogleHouse helps me find my car keys.

Shaz-Hum names the song that’s running maddingly through my brain, just from my humming a few (fairly-close) bars.

And, of course: MyJetPack personal jet pack system and TransportMe transporter pad get me everywhere I need to go—on time and in style!