Explore Studio 231, Rowan’s Experiential Learning Lab and Makerspace

Pictured L-R: Jon Penera, Pete Genovese, Antonia Nuzzolo, Rob O’Leary, Jenna Dickinson, and Alex Wollman

Ask any student who has visited Studio 231 and the first thing they will likely say is how incredible it is that a space like this exists that is fully led and staffed by Rowan students. Sure, some students will also mention the glass wall adorned with dry erase marker sketches or prototypes or messaging, and others will note the feeling of ‘wow’ they had when they saw the robustness of the prototypes being built by their peers, but the student-centered-leadership model almost always comes up first. This is largely because the idea for the space originated with students in Rowan’s first cohort of University Innovation Fellows, and the final design for the space was led by Engineering student Brandon Graham.

Graham not only designed the space, he personally built much of the furniture in it, recruited in a team of other engineers to help staff it, and led the design of the learning modules needed to teach his peers. Graham worked in concert with Dr. Eric Liguori and Steve Kozachyn to make the space a reality, and he found a champion in Rohrer College of Business Dean Sue Lehrman who not only annexed a room for Studio 231, but also worked with Deans Tony Lowman (engineering) andKaren Magee-Sauer (science and math) to provide initial seed funding to get the space up and running.

Pete Genovese and Brandon Graham brainstorming new ideas for the 2018–2019 academic year.

Upon Graham’s graduation in May 2018 he handed off the lead to a new crop of student leaders, Peter Genovese and Andrew Bunoza, who continue to run the space as a student-centric place for product development and experimentation.

Studio 231 is open to all Rowan students, faculty, and staff. The space is staffed four days per week, with additional hours available by appointment. Use of the space is free of charge and can be coordinated by contacting Jess Vattima (wolk@rowan.edu).

Join Rowan’s startup ecosystem by visiting rowan.startuptree.co today!

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