Seka: “We need the fans”

With a week to go until the meeting with Sochaux (Monday 3rd April, 7:45pm, UK time), Ernest Seka is approaching the final league matches with desire. Racing’s captain knows that he will be able to count on the “12th man” to carry on the winning run that was started before the international break.

How is the squad finding this “cut-off” caused by the international break?
ES: Honestly, it’s doing us good. We needed to recover after going all out for the last three months. Physically and mentally, it was getting hard to play match after match and to do away trip after away trip. We needed to shut down, and this international break came at the right time. Now, we’ll be able to tackle the last eight league matches in the best possible conditions.

You’ve experienced it for the last two seasons, but the crowd should be a very big asset for the team down this final straight.
ES: It’s definitely an advantage. We have four matches to play at home, and we can’t afford to lose them. The fans can help us get as many points as possible at home, we know that. That’s what’s happened for the last two seasons. They really will be our 12th man! I can still remember the Dunkerque match last season, where there were nearly 30,000 people in the stadium. Obviously, we want to feel those emotions again, but there’s still a long way to go and there’ll be plenty of pitfalls.

To start off these last eight matches, there’s the match against Sochaux. What are you thoughts on it?
ES: Every match is important from now until the end of the season. The Auxerre match was just as important as the Sochaux match is. For me, the derby aspect isn’t an extra motivation because, in our situation, we need to be raring to go for every match. I just hope that this derby will allow us to fill the stadium as we’ll need the fans until the very end!

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