Statement: Baptiste Guillaume

Credit: RC Strasbourg Alsace

Dear supporters, it’s time for me to announce that I’ve signed for 4 years at SCO Angers, my wish was to come back to Strasbourg but I wasn’t pulling the strings. LOSC had their say but I still want to thank Racing for putting everything in place to try to keep me permanently. I felt the need to write a few words to show you my gratitude and my emotion after the magnificent season spent in your company. I still have trouble realising what we accomplished last season, we achieved something spectacular and a lot of it is down to you.

I had a difficult start but you were always behind me to help me stay confident and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I arrived at a club that was coming back from the dead, but I can assure you that I found a true family here, starting with the chairman, the fans, the staff, in particular our coach, Thierry Laurey, to whom I owe an enormous amount, but of course all of my teammates who welcomed me in an exemplary manner. I didn’t know them a year ago, but most of them have become friends, even brothers.

If I know one thing, it’s that this year will be a lifelong memory for me. We put the club back where it should be and I’m immensely proud to have contributed to it.

I could write you a book but it’s often said that short speeches are the best ones. Know that you, the fans, will remain engraved in my memory. I’ll never forget the sentence that rang around the Meinau: “We’re not eleven, we’re thousands”. Carry on livening up such a legendary stadium, the club needs you, you were immense throughout the season.

I look forward to seeing you again, I wish you good luck for this year and I’ll follow your results very closely.

I’m now looking towards new horizons and am very happy to take up a new challenge, being an Angers player for the next four years.

Thanks for everything.

Jetzt geht’s los,

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