Six Sentence Story: Sudden Realization of a Twelve-Year-Old

Upon reading the next sentence of the book he was reading, twelve year old Sally Richter came across an unsettling sentence that changed everything she once thought she knew.

Her eyes glanced across the page as the sentence incontrovertibly read:

“Life has no point, morality is a human construct, and to describe the purpose of existence is about as futile as describing the color yellow to a blind man.”

Putting the book down with a shaking hand, Sally went to her room and took a good look at the yellow wallpapers that covered her walls and made her room artificially bright.

Once the sentence set into her mind fully, she felt an existential dread come across her young mind at a time when the world is supposed to be new and exciting for a child.

Yet, in lieu of what she felt after reading that sentence, she went downstairs to continue reading the book as it had also made her curious about what kind of existence it is that she lead, despite it having no point.