As I sat and reflected on all of the DIY jobs that I wanted to do over the years, I started wondering if other people were as excited about kitchen remodels, renovating their basements, and even basic home repairs as I’ve been.

I know it’s not very glorious, and DIY home repair can be strenuous at times, but it can also be quite liberating. In a strange way, it’s the ultimate stress-reliever. When you get your hands dirty and start reconstructing your home, you really have time to reconstruct your life.

These DIY projects and remodels are therapeutic for me.

I know what you’re thinking… seriously?! Just hire a contractor to do the work for you. …

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When Twitter doubled the number of characters allowed in a tweet in 2017, one would’ve expected an explosion of long tweets (at least long in the Twitter-verse).

However, in 2018 only 1% of tweets actually hit the character limit, and only 12% reached past 140 characters.

Daily, we pass through short, pithy tweets, clever and concise Facebook posts, and Instagram pictures punctuated by a handful of hashtags.

Our drive-up, have-it-your-way, have-it-now society loves their brief communication.

Or do they?

Somewhere between the 140-character tweet and the 2,000-word article (which is growing in popularity) lies this dead zone called “500.” …

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Granite countertops are completely natural, exceedingly durable, and come in a range of colors that meet pretty much every kitchen design preference.

Granite exudes a level of luxury that almost no other countertop material is able to match except for quartz. Thanks to its strength, granite is also easy to maintain and can withstand everyday kitchen activity, unlike many other countertop materials.

However, granite is not invincible or bullet-proof. This, therefore, begs the question: Do granite countertops need to be sealed?

Granite Countertop Sealing — Why So Much Ambiguity?

There are two schools of thought when it comes to granite countertop sealing. One says that granite countertops don’t need any sealing since they are naturally resistant to stain. The other believes that granite is not a fool-proof material and needs a shield of its own in order for it to look fresh and spotless for years together. …

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If you want to double your site’s organic traffic, you’re going to need more than just keywords.

Continued Google updates have all but eliminated any benefit gained from relying solely on keywords to rank well. Keyword stuffing for the purpose of ranking does nothing to enhance user experience (UX), and has led to a bad rap for legitimate search engine optimization (SEO) strategists.

The usefulness of these practices is long gone, but SEO misconceptions still abound.

So, if it isn’t about keywords, how does SEO work?

Take a look through this guide to find answers to these questions and…

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Whether you’re a newborn photographer or in a field like online speech therapy, this advice will work for you just as much as it would for a lawyer, doctor, or accountant. So, grab a cup a coffee, sit back, and get ready to learn some social media tricks for increasing your following.

Whenever you’re trying to increase your followers on platforms like Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest it’s crucial to ask yourself: Why am I trying to do this? What’s my ultimate goal?

If you don’t have an answer to this, stop what you’re doing immediately. There is no sense in executing a social media or online marketing plan willy-nilly or without any genuine idea what your goal is. …

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When we talk about marketing in 2018, we need to keep one really important thing in mind: our generation is glued to electronic devices.

Many wake up to their alarm on a smartphone, ask “Siri” or “OK Google” what the weather is, and then use that device to order a “Lyft” or “Uber” to get to work. During the commute, most look at their screens as they “like” and “comment” on social media, read blogs, and peruse news articles.

Remember, the key to all good marketing strategies begins with going where the customer goes. In 2018 and beyond, that means the Internet. …

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