8 of the best tips for health

In celebration of World Health Day 2016 (yesterday) April 7th, I’ve decided to create this post in an effort to make things simple and bring value to the world, and if implemented could potentially improve your health, and in turn make the world a healthier place too.

If you do not know me, you won’t know this fact. 6 years ago, I was on the verge of being obese, I was 18 stone (250lbs), wearing XL clothes and had a 40-inch waist. I was definitely on my way to becoming a health statistic. This was something I didn’t want, therefore I had to change. Looking back over these 6 years, there are obviously lots of factors that have come into play in order for me to improve my health, and here are just 8 of them. For more information regarding me, check the post at the bottom of this one. Before I begin however, I would like to note, that unless your motivation for change doesn’t stem from within, or where you currently are with regards to your health isn’t bringing you pain, then you might not be ready to change. As far as pain, I’m not just referring to physical pain, but this can be mental and emotional pain of not being satisfied or being where you want to be.
 You have to have a big enough WHY, and it has to be for you.

These tips will definitely help you become a healthier individual who enjoys life.

1) MOVE MORE. In the modern day, humans have become lazy as a species on the whole. We sit more, we are far more sedentary and no longer have to hunt for our food. Now of course, this is due to the way of the world, I understand that, there are cars, vehicles, jobs and on the whole the way of life and living has improved. However, as far as health is concerned, sitting for prolonged periods of time without any activity has a negative impact on overall health. Whether you go to the gym, go for a run, walk more, or just stand more often, just move, be active and reap the benefits.

2) EAT LESS. By eat less, I simply mean eat less. Obviously this doesn’t mean starve yourself, and I’m not saying that everyone needs to eat less (some people need to eat more). If you are overweight (with a high body fat percentage, not taking into consideration people who are overweight because they have a high LBM), obese, unhealthy then eating less is a definite starting point. If you burn more calories than you consume you will/should lose weight. Focus on whole foods to start with, and once you become more knowledgeable about your body and what works, then perhaps you can incorporate a flexible approach to nutrition.

3) STAY HYDRATED. This is so obvious, but so many people still don’t drink enough fluid. Being dehydrated is not only detrimental for health, but for performance and vitality. As a general rule of thumb, I suggest 1 litre per 25kg/55lbs of bodyweight, even more if you are exercising. If you want to know more about why water is beneficial, then check out this article that I wrote a while back. https://ryandaviesfitness.wordpress.com/2013/11/08/lose-fat-now-tip-3/

4) FRUIT & VEGETABLES. Sugar from fruit gets a bad rep in the press, and while yes eating too much sugar is detrimental to health and can cause other implications of health such as obesity and type 2 diabetes, in moderation fruit is a great food source for health. I would definitely suggest consuming more veg than fruit to avoid the higher intake of sugar. A huge benefit to fruit and veg is the fact they contain phytochemicals and anti-oxidants in the form of vitamins and minerals. These are essential for optimal health and vitality, so ensure you eat plenty of nutrient dense foods. I would recommend 8+ portions of fruit and veg per day (more so in the form of vegetables).

5) GO TO THE DOCTORS. It doesn’t go without saying, that from a health service standpoint, in the UK we have it pretty lucky. However, I was even guilty of this, we don’t use it often enough. By this I mean regular check-ups with the GP, or even going to the dentist. If you have the ability to go to a doctor once or twice per year, do and get regular check-ups. I have to get a medical form signed and filled out by the GP every year, to go to America, perhaps this should be a mandatory thing. This is super important for men in general I believe, because guys are too stubborn, and even I was. Book an appointment, get a health check-up and improve your health.

6) SLEEP WELL. I think this goes without saying, but without getting a goodnight sleep, you will not be functioning optimally. Now of course everyone is individual as far as how much sleep they need to function, but typically a good rule of thumb is 6–8 hours of sleep per night. I know some people may be able to function normally on 4–5 hours of sleep, and that’s okay. I guess you just need to figure out exactly how much you need to not only perform optimally but to function without any fatigue. Some tips for improving your sleep schedule could be, don’t use any electronics 1–2 hours before you are due to sleep. Stop caffeine consumption 5–6 hours sometimes longer before you are due to actually sleep.

7) EXPLORE. Although this doesn’t directly affect your health, by getting out there and exploring a new place a new city, a new country you are opening up your horizons and developing a new outlook on life. Travelling has been a great part of my journey, and I truly believe that everyone should embark on some form of travelling adventure at some stage. Another benefit to exploration is that often it means you are moving, and walking, or cycling. You want to get out there and experience new places, and typically the best way to explore is on foot. If you aren’t sure about exploring or travelling, how about you go to a nearby city, landmark or state park and just walk around. I’m sure you will have a great time, have some fun in the process. Which leads me to my final point.

8) HAVE FUN. This goes without saying, that laughter is one of the best ways to improve health. Typically, on the whole not only does it put you in a better mood, it’s also a powerful antidote to stress, pain and conflict. By decreasing stress, you boost the immune system, which no doubt will improve your health status. By laughing you will release endorphins which are the body’s natural feel good hormones and It helps improve blood flow through the heart. Having fun, can be done in a variety of ways, so find out what works best for you, find something you enjoy, have some fun and reap the benefits.

So there you have it, 8 simple tips that will no doubt improve your health on the whole. If you improve your health, not only will you live longer but you will feel much better along the way.

If you have any feedback, I would be happy to hear it. Either comment below or please send me an email to ryandaviesfitness@gmail.com .

Thanks for reading. Oh and if you want to be held accountable for your health, feel free to join my free advice group on Facebook.


P.S Said article on my journey: https://ryandaviesfitness.wordpress.com/2013/09/06/my-70-pound-weight-loss-transformation/

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