How to lose weight.. it’s simple.

A question I get asked quite frequently at the gym, or in general when people find out I am a fitness coach is,

What’s the best way to lose body fat?

Well in theory it is relatively straight forward…

Now, I covered this in more detail for those whom have diabetes here , but this is just a general post for anyone who is interested.

1) First of all you need to track your weight and record it over a two week period. If you want to be a little more pedantic about it, you could do it every day. However, the average of three recordings over a week will suffice. This will result in 6 actual readings over two weeks. A long with this you could also take measurements and pictures. The benefit of this is you have more data to use.

2) Keep everything consistent and don’t change nothing. In the famous words of the Russian cosmonaut in the film Armageddon “Don’t touch nothing”. Eat the same as before and train the same way. This is imperative purely for the data you collect. By gathering more data in this stage, you will be able to utilize more variables going forward.

3) Finally after two weeks, analyze your data. It is that simple, but of course in the untrained eye it isn’t. If you have gained or lost weight or even stayed the same you can look back over your data collected and see where you can make changes to progress.

^^ All of this however is of course theory, the practice is a little more complicated than that for a variety of reasons. These can include a whole host of health issues, physical limitations, limitations through medication, and even a lack of personal accountability could hinder this process.

The list is endless.

It is of course at this stage where a personal trainer, nutritionist or coach will come in handy.

With the correct pre-screening process, they will be able to set you on the right path. From this you will be or should be under the watchful eye of someone who is not only very competent, but knowledgeable and passionate about helping you achieve your goal’s.

I will be looking for 5 individuals who want to truly lose weight and are ready to start straight away over the next few days.

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