Paralysis through Analysis

So my second post is again about me, but t

I will also be brutally honest with a few things as well, because even as an experienced trainer I don’t know everything and probably never will.

When I first started my journey, I kept things as simple as I could. I did the same workouts , never changed anything except the weights. I ate pretty much the same food every day, with the odd change here and there. And do you know what, as far as weight loss is concerned I had the best results.

Half way through my first weight loss journey, I did change my workouts. I went from a typical “bodybuilder” split of chest and triceps, back and biceps, legs with cardio and abs built in around that. To a full body workout 3–4 times per week with the cardio and abs incorporated again.

The 300 workout

If anyone has tried it and actually stuck to it, you will get results guaranteed. So long as your nutrition is on point as well.

Anyway, since then I’ve tried lots of different methods of working out and I have tried lots of different approaches with nutrition.

I have read so many books, watched a lot of videos and learnt from some of the top coaches in the world.

I even went on to spend £1500, roughly $2000 on a nutrition course, which I have to admit was worth every penny. It developed my knowledge base and improved my ability to coach nutrition to lots of different clients.

With all that information you probably would have assumed that I would be shredded, be able to bench press the moon and squat and deadlift the equivalent of Saturn.

That’s a joke btw.. But one thing that I developed for my own personal programming was something known as :

Paralysis through Analysis


Information Overload

With all this information at my disposal, I started coming up with excuses for not achieving my own physique goals. In the back of my mind I kept saying it was okay, because I’m focusing on being strong, where deep down I wanted to be lean again.

Coming to this realisation I said fuck it. I need a coach/ someone to keep me accountable.

And guess what, allowing someone to coach me was a huge sigh of relief, because it meant that all I had to do was follow the plan.

It worked! I was back on track with my physique.

You see I was able to coach others, but wasn’t able to coach myself. And this was just last year in April.

Well shoot forward to this year 2016, and another dose of reality hit. I am capable of coaching myself, I just didn’t have the drive at the time to get lean. I did however have the drive to get strong. And although not impressive I was able to achieve a powerlifting total of 505kg at 90kg bodyweight.

Although there is a lot more to my story , this post would literally be an hour or more if I went into every detail about my journey.

My second true weight loss journey has started again.

And guess what now I’m focused and driven just like I was the first time around.

Putting this out on social media not only keeps me accountable, but it allows people to see that even experienced fitness professionals have to put the work in, they still have to eat right and workout. But the reality is the obstacles in the way are the same, but the drive is what sets people apart. Finding out the real reason and true why for change is what gets you going and keeps you going.

I’ve never fallen out of love with fitness, or this lifestyle. My goals just changed and my actions didn’t reflect that for the longest time. But now..

Now they do!

Thanks for reading.

I tried to keep this raw and real.


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