Encounters with the European Far-Right in a Canadian Tourist Trap: Leafers Edition

Ran into another doozie of a tourist today. From France. I suspect it's gonna get worse as the "leafers" show up.

Tourist: Muslims need to be eliminated from Europe

Me: That's racist

Tourist: Islam is not a race

Me: Neither is Judaism, but that didn't stop you guys from killing a rack of them because you designated them a race

Tourist: How dare you bring up the Holocaust!!! This is not the same!

Me: The stuff you're saying sounds quite similar from where I am standing.

Tourist: It is not the same! We are preserving our culture!

Me: Yeah that's a nice dogwhistle. Europeans are just returning to their old selves: Racist and barbaric

Tourist: How can you say that living in Canada?

Me: Canada... you mean a country that owes its very existence to the fact that Europeans are racist and barbaric?

Tourist: *silence*

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