By Ashley Lamb-Sinclair

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I’ve always been curious.

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It’s a trait that has gotten me into trouble more times than I can count, and a trait that has bailed me out of really boring situations. Sometimes it can be an advantage. Sometimes it’s a liability. Curiosity has led to that phone call my parents got in the middle of the night when I was a teenager. And curiosity has led to an acceptance letter in the mail that I never dreamed I might receive.

In my life as an educator, curiosity creates a similar juxtaposition in my professional life as it does in my personal. I’ve gone down a curious path with lesson planning and created amazing lessons that kids still remember and colleagues ask about. And then curiosity has led me to create seemingly amazing lessons that I had to shut down midway through class because they were so far off the path of what I intended to teach. …

Written by Lisa Hollenbach for Redesign Challenge

What is Your Specialization?

What makes you unique? What sets you apart from everyone else? What is that one area in which you are a champion? That is your specialty. But is identifying your specialty enough? Perhaps you are called to be a bit bolder, to go further . . . Will you leave a legacy? Your task is to leave your mark on the world by creating a blueprint, a recipe of sorts, that describes not what you do, or even why you do it; your recipe should describe how you do what you do.

Easy, right? Well . . . not so fast. One more caveat: you must describe how you do what you do best (you know, that thing that makes you come alive) in a way that is so clear and deliberate it can be replicated, perhaps by a complete stranger. Ahh . . . therein lies the challenge. …

Written by Christopher Bronke for Redesign Challenge

I can read your mind; I promise. Watch. When I say the word “innovation”, what one word comes to mind? Drum roll, please…you thought, “technology.” Obviously, I really didn’t read your mind; the association of innovation with technology is just that deeply ingrained into our mind and our society. When we hear innovation, we think of that tech startup, founded in the basement of someone’s mom’s house, now a billion-dollar society-changer. We think of the “brilliant mind” coding tomorrow’s future today. And I will be honest, until recently, I thought along those same lines, viewing innovation as something for others, for those with a mind for technology, not for me as a mere English teacher. However, at the ECET2 National event in Seattle, Melinda Gates talked about innovation, and what struck me was how little she, Microsoft connections and all, talked about technology. …


Redesign Challenge

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