[Sri Lanka] Two points of view (and how one view can be used to make the other better)

A tuk-tuk rushed through narrow winding path made of spaces around the long line of vehicles on the straight road and stopped near the school gate nearby.

A school kid in around 10 years old jumped off from the back seat and went directly to the driver, who kissed the boy on his forehead. Then he ran towards the school making me realize that it was almost the school start time. The affection the elder showed towards the kid told with a very high probability that these two should be blood-related. From the outfit, the driver was no special than a common tuk-tuk driver in three-quarters, wearing a cap, rubber slippers and a number of bands/cords around the wrist.But I’m sure it was touching to anyone who was observing.

The person who was breaking a bunch of road rules and making others uncomfortable in front of many eyes was not different from a low-abiding father when it came to the affection towards his offspring.

The kid may keep loving and respecting his father forever and may follow or be influenced by his values and beliefs because it’s the background he is growing up. No one can say that this doesn’t cover how to drive a vehicle.

There’s a reciprocity as well — parents also listen to kids and don’t want to misbehave in front of them — at least when they know that the kids can understand such actions.

We can use this concept to pass messages effectively when one party doesn’t respond positively to direct messages from the outside.

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