Your “Asian fetish” is a microaggression rooted in dehumanizing stereotypes about Asian women

Photo by Jeremy Marasigan from Burst

Outwardly presenting an “Asian fetish” or a “yellow fever” is a microaggression that objectifies Asian American women.

It might appear to be just a non-racial preference for a particular appearance, like hair length or eye color. However, a deeper look suggests that Asian fetishes are likely driven by misogynistic, racist, and dehumanizing stereotypes of Asian women. Simply validating an Asian fetish as an innocent preference for a physical trait perpetuates the subjugation of Asian women into sexual objects and submissive domestic servants who exist to please white males.

“Historians, sociologists, psychologists, and literary and film scholars have long documented how…

Perspectives on the model minority myth

A Japanese woman arrives at Turlock assembly center in CA for incarceration during the Japanese Internment. National Archives Photo No 210-G-C306

My upper limit in American society as an Asian American will always be a slanty-eyed foreigner. One of the most convincing reminders of this came last year from the former President of the United States, Donald Trump. At a campaign rally in Tulsa, he debuted what became a rallying call for his supporters: “Kung Flu.”¹

Once again, the apparent status as “model minority” did not immunize Asian-Americans from President Trump’s minority hit list. More than President Trump’s words, the speed at which people were galvanized to express their hatred for Asian Americans was deeply heartbreaking.

The hatred is palpable, unrestrained…

R. Danielson Zhang

Lawyer, aspiring activist, spouse, and parent with way too many interests and not enough time.

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