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I don’t know if this shit for real or not, but real talk shawty, if the world finna get ready to end for real, that nigga Donald Trump is the anti-Christ.

For real. The shit that he doing right now — man, that nigga make me feel like he the anti-Christ that they was talking about. That was gonna come talking all that shit for the world to end.

Boy, that shit scary. I’m kinda spooked, man. He’s saying the shit that them other rich muhfuckas want to say.

It’s muhfuckas behind that nigga, I’m talking about super rich, but they just can’t say what he’s saying. But they got him to say it.

Hell yeah, once he get in there and he take control like that, man, this shit gon’ be done went crazy, man.

Cause they gon’ get them Muslims — them Muslims gon’ go crazy, all that shit he talking about them, man. Them folks gotdamnit gon do something about that shit. They ain’t gon’ stand for it.

And we can’t beat nobody who’s willing to kill they own self to make sure you dead.

You can’t win with nobody like that, man. All the while when them folks was telling us, “we need to vote, we need to vote, we need to vote.” Everybody wasn’t paying that shit no attention.

Now, everybody trying to gotdamn vote. It’s too late!

It’s too gotdamn late. And then they seen what’s going on with the Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton’s. Both of them ain’t gon’ do nothing but drive themselves deeper and deeper in holes. They tried, but it’s too late.

They should have been started this shit. Way before that man ever even got the notion of trying to think that he could be the president, once they got in his ear and told ’em, “Boy, you got a chance,” that nigga went to pushing and pushing and pushing, and gotdamnit, here it go right here.

And man, Obama ain’t shit right now. Ain’t shit he can do or nothing. Them folks got him boxed in, he’s a bitch. He got to do what they say to do.

A couple people have said his last day he might pull some wild shit. But hell naw.

You see he keep signing all this other bullshit! He just signing bullshit just now because this the last of whatever he can sign. Them folk got him locked down.

And they got mad at President Obama’s daughter for wearing a rap t-shirt. They finna fuck that man up. They finna make it seem like he the reason all this shit done happened.

Think about how many White people have killed Black people since he been in there. Seem like every two weeks. Every week, for real.

They killed the nigga Trayvon Martin down. Trayvon Martin screaming like a muhfucka. The operator folk told this nigga, “DON’T CHASE HIM!” The nigga STILL chase him. Killed him, cold blood, walked away.

Then dad in Florida, say the car pulled up beside him, the music was too loud. Yeah, at the gas station. Dumped on them folks seven times, killed a shawty. Think about it, it ain’t been nothing but real killings on the Black and White tip.

He got seventy years. He’s not a cop, that’s the only reason.

Then in New York, this man selling cigarettes. They choked big boy out — you seen that? Man rode this man’s back all the way to the ground.

Big boy like, “Y’all got it! I can’t breath! They stayed on him ’til he died. This lady had shot up in the air in Florida cause she thought it was a burgalar or something happened.

The mom got twenty years. Oh yeah I seen that shit, too. They said she was trying to protect her kids like from the baby’s father or some wild shit was going on. So she shot up in the air like a warning shot. And they gave her, what was it?

They gave her 20 years. And then Mike Brown was next. And that was so fucked up. But Mike Brown probably was a beast, man. Because you see what he did to folk in the store. Mike Brown probably was a beast up there. Probably told that police, “Fuck nigga, put that gun down, I’ll beat yo’ ass.”

Yeah, man, but you never know. If he was a beast or not, the nigga didn’t have no gun when that shit hit the fan. And then, it’s like they just GOT to shoot a nigga. It don’t take nothing but one to shoot a nigga in the head. BOW. He going down. For you to shoot a nigga, seven, eight times, man?

Them dirty police, they do a lot of crime. You’ll never know it. Police the best niggas to do crime. And they stick together. You know police, they like a gang. Biggest gang in the world.

Everything in the movies has came to pass. Everything you seen on TV, shit probably real. Or prolly finna come true.

The next president, he gon’ fuck around and take all of everything that we got and that we is getting from the government or whatever. They gon’ take all this shit, we ain’t gon’ wait for it.

It’s gon’ be like, you don’t work, you don’t eat, for real. You nah mean?

Shit, crime rate going up. It’s going down, for real in the streets. They’ll start handing out more time for more crime, because prison and shit already packed, but when they do some shit like that, they gon’ be really packed.

I was thinking Obama was gonna do some crazy shit. Like change drug laws or some shit, let some folks out these prisons, forgive debt, something. But they ain’t gon’ let him do it.

But what we need to do, is, if you over thirty, or you twenty-five and better then, you need to be trying to get on the moves with some of this gotdamn healthcare type shit, and all that, need to try to figure that out.

Because when you get hurt and go down to that hospital, them folks will tell you, “Ay man, where is you going?” Them folks gonna be turning folks around, literally. We ain’t even finna attempt to help you if you ain’t got this shit.

Look at how we live. You see all these diseases coming. Niggas roaming the street, they can get shot, stabbed, anything.

I be thinking about that type of shit, Shawty. That’s what a nigga need to be trying to focus on. Fuck them new J’s that’s finna come out. Fuck the new movie, real talk now. Fuck that, this the move. Cause boy, when this shit hit the fan, if you ain’t got no job out here, you gon’ be fucked up.

They taking money off the street. You gon’ have to be certified with something to where your name can be on one of them cards. Or you gon have to get that shit injected in you and all that.

That’s what might happen for real when Barack gets out of there.

And then look at the mess they done made just to bring it on Barack. All this gon’ get blamed on Barack. It’s gon’ be a purge! Before they let something like that really, really happen, we going to jail or they gon’ kill you. Just off the rip. Once they get to where they feel like they ain’t got no control, they gon’ start killing folk. They gon’ make so many examples, you ain’t gon wanna do nothing wrong.

It’s gonna be martial law. They say all that. They just did it in Missouri, Ferguson. It was martial law up there. They had the army, and then they had a crew of people.

It’s cause folks was going crazy with that looting shit. They ain’t gon’ do that just off the rip. You have to be doing something fucked up. Them folk was doing that fucked up shit, tearing up mom and pop stores.

What made ’em loot, though? The fuck you look like doing that? Just go where they really at. To these folk who can pay for that shit if it get tore up. You don’t wanna burn Ma and them down.

We gotta think about what made ’em loot though.

Playa style though, they gotta get smart about they shit some kind of way. Cause a nigga can’t stay dumb. They gotta peep the world move. Whatever going on, they gotta know what’s going on in they surroundings. For real this time.

I’m tryna be down with a coup or something. If this world go crazy, you better be down with somebody. Or you gon’ be fucked up.

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(c) #StillOnThaBluff starring @RealCurtisSnow (2016)