A Day at a Refugee Camp in Haiti: Photo Diary

The breathtaking countryside of Haiti as we drive out to the border.

As the Communications Manager for REBUILD globally, an international non-profit organization, it is my responsibility to artfully share company stories, milestones, and our ambitious mission to create a better world through education and job training.

Our company values are engrained in my mind (and in my heart) and I work tirelessly to engage our donors, supporters, and community to join us in our fight against poverty in Haiti.

I work out of our global headquarters in Orlando and I can get so focused on processes, financials, deadlines, and metrics that it is easy to get disconnected from the actual communities and individuals in Haiti whose stories I tell. When this happens, I know its time to go back and refresh. My most recent trip to Haiti and the Fonds Bayard Refugee Camp was just the experience I needed to reconnect to the people and to Haiti.

The Trip

After a year of grueling work, REBUILD globally launched its second employment workshop at the Fonds Bayard refugee camp on the border of the Dominican Republic and Haiti. This workshop is providing jobs for 35 refugee families, some of whom haven’t worked in years.

Below is my photo diary of visiting this camp and reconnecting to a country and community I will always cherish.

Friendship is universal.
For many children at Fonds Bayard, living at a refugee camp is all they know. Children are gathered around as they watch their parents begin a new chapter with REBUILD globally.
Teenage boys finding shade where they can. There is very little for kids and teenagers of their age to do at Fonds Bayard. There is a designated school building, but funding for teachers is unreliable and education is not guaranteed.
Daily life at the border.
The Fonds Bayard Community School building.
Getting the new generator ready for work!
Difficult circumstances does not take away from wonderful Haitian hospitality. Our team was welcomed into the community with a home-made lunch. We sat down with community leaders and celebrated the launch of the workshop with a delicious meal of rice, beans, and chicken.
The local leadership team in front of their new REBUILD globally workshop. This workshop will be producing soles for deux mains designs sandals and will provide 35 families with income for the next three months.

What’s Next

REBUILD globally is focused on ensuring the longevity of this life-changing initiative. Our funding is guaranteed for the next three months and we are gathering financial support from donors, community partners, and international organizations to help us reach our next milestone of sustainability. Our goal is to provide long-term employment to the 35 individuals we are working with at the border.

You can support the community of Fonds Bayard by donating to this initiative or by purchasing products handcrafted by our artisans.