And yet clearly, you claim that there are statistics showing the disparity.
Joshua Sanders

I’m not quite sure I follow — class action suit against whom? The AVMA was reporting on the data, they are not the ones offering the jobs. There is no one to launch a class action suit against. There are thousands of individual practices across the country, which operate as independent businesses. The AVMA was reporting on the data they acquired over a 15 year period. You have to be a member of the AVMA to have access to the work sheet I was discussing, which I why I posted a link to them clarifying that one point (which is available to the public) as it caused a significant discussion when the work sheet was released.

Maybe, what I want is a country that doesn’t feel the need to treat men and women differently? Maybe I feel like equal work for equal pay isn’t a very radical idea? I’m talking more about a cultural shift — not everyone feels the need to sue. Some people just think their fellow citizens can do better as a country and would like to ask for such.

As to Washington, I’m not asking for the government to fix all my problems for me. Thanks for trying to devolve the discussion though. The purpose of this sub-thread was to give concrete examples of employment disparities between the genders. I wasn’t asking for Washington to fix anything, just trying to contribute to the discussion to try and enlighten ignorant people that a gender gap does, in fact, still exist.

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