TIME FOR CHANGE — Have your say at the Norwich game

It’s pretty clear that things aren’t right at Arsenal.

We have an absentee owner who takes money from the club whilst not engaging with fans. We have a manager who won’t use the resources available to him, to strengthen a squad which everybody can see needs investment. Throw in some of the highest ticket prices in world football. And, all of the Groundhog seasons, where it’s clear that the fans’ ambitions are not matched by those in charge.

Fans are fighting each other over what exactly is wrong and who is to blame — but it’s clear that we are in a rut, and that something needs to change.

Lots of people have opinions on how fans can make our voices heard. At Saturday’s game against Norwich, we (along with other fans’ groups — read the BSM statement here for starters) are calling on fans to send a co-ordinated message — together we are stronger.

What we are asking fans to do:

  • Before the game — click on the image below, and print as many copies as you can (colour or B&W, whatever size you can). Give them to friends who are going to the game.
  • At the game — we are asking fans to hold these signs up on 12 minutes (the number of years since we last won the title), and again on 78 minutes (12 minutes from the end). Then, at the end, we are asking fans to stay behind, hold the signs up again, and make your voices heard.

Why this, and why now?

  • We believe that the only way to ensure our voices are heard, is by getting lots of people involved. A huge banner held up by four people is one thing — signs held by thousands of people are quite another.
  • Lots of people have advocated a walkout, or a boycott of the Aston Villa game. Thousands of Arsenal fans walk out 10 minutes before the end of games anyway, and there were thousands of empty seats at the West Brom game. So, would anybody notice the difference?
  • The Aston Villa game is unlikely to be on TV now, so this is our last chance to make a big impression at a home game.
  • We are encouraging the most vocal protest to be after the final whistle, so no suggestion that this should affect the team. And it goes without saying, during the game please give your maximum (and loud) support to the players on the pitch.

Finally, if you don’t agree with the sentiment that things need to change at Arsenal, get involved in your own way. If you don’t like what the sign below says, make and print your own, and hold that up instead. Apathy achieves nothing — and talk is cheap in the pub and on the internet — we need fans to get involved. Something is wrong at our club — and only change will unite the fanbase again. See you on Saturday.

Please click on the image, print on A4, and bring to the Norwich game