Reclaim and Monetize your Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube Viewing Data

“At its heart, the film industry is about great content — that is, developing and producing films to capture an audience that can be monetised through theatrical release or DVD sales and by licensing to distribution channels such as television or digital platforms.” -PwC (.pdf)

Content development (screenplays, rewrites, attaching a director, rewrites, casting the stars, rewrites, budgeting and scheduling) costs studios millions of dollars every year for the movies that get made, and ten times that for the ones that don’t. Netflix has taught the rest of the industry that viewer data is the missing link in their content development pipeline, and plans to spend over $8B in 2018 in content creation and acquisition. The key component is your viewing data. And we give it to them for free along with our $10.99 monthly subscription fee. It says so right in their Privacy Statement that we all agreed to (and never read) as part of their Terms of Service:

“Information we collect automatically: We collect information about you and your use of our service, your interactions with us and our advertising, as well as information regarding your computer or other device used to access our service (such as gaming systems, smart TVs, mobile devices, and set top boxes). This information includes: your activity on the Netflix service, such as title selections, watch history and search queries;” (emphasis added)

The same is true with YouTube, Amazon, Hulu, and VuDu. And there’s nothing wrong with that. That’s how good content gets made — by understanding what your viewers like and don’t like. Netflix, in particular, is doing a superb job with data analytics and content creation. We not only want you to keep watching streaming services like Netflix, we have a way to pay you while you do it.


On July 14th, Reel Cash™ will launch a platform that will make it possible for the several hundred million users of streaming services to earn tokens or fiat currency for sharing the very data that they’ve been allowing Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Amazon, iQiYi, Shemaroo, and every other streaming service around the world to use for free.

It costs you nothing, your privacy is assured since we don’t collect any of your personally identifiable information, and you can be paid in crypto or fiat currency.

How does it work?

As a subscriber to a streaming service, every time you watch a movie or an episode of a show, you create metadata that serves as the raw material for Netflix, Amazon Prime, and other services’ content development algorithms. The problem for studios is that Netflix nor any other streaming service shares its data, and the other services don’t have enough subscribers to mine their own.

“The first word out of everybody’s mouths in meetings is, ‘How do we deal with Netflix?’ ” says one longtime TV-industry executive. “‘How do we compete with Netflix? What are they doing?’ ” Disney’s pending purchase of much of 20th Century Fox’s film and TV assets — which has prompted a counterbid by Comcast, parent company of NBCUniversal — is in no small part a reaction to the rise of Netflix. Robert Iger, Disney’s CEO, wants the added scale 20th Century Fox’s assets will bring as he prepares to launch Disney’s own direct-to-consumer streaming service next year.” — Josef Adalian

Reel Cash™ has developed a browser extension that reads the telemetry and technical metadata exchanged between you and your streaming provider such as the title of the movie or program that you’re watching, episode number for streaming series, time-stamped play/pause segments, and other data clearly laid out in our white paper. We don’t know who you are and don’t want to know. Your wallet address or debit card account for payment is encrypted and held by a third party.

Where there’s a need, there’s an opportunity. The harder the data is to acquire, the greater the demand. And clearly, viewer data is in demand, and very costly to acquire. With Reel Cash™, you can stop giving your viewer data away for free and get paid for it. Even better, the more people who participate, the more everyone can earn. This pie doesn’t shrink with more users, it grows because the pricing for our data customers (studios and advertisers) is based in part upon how many users we have, and the level of information they want to share.

Reel Cash™ has a plan to revolutionize the way that the world finances, produces, distributes, and consumes movies and television, and it all starts with you, the movie lover. Watch this space for more information to come. Visit Reel Cash today for more information and join the Reel revolution.

This article and the subject matter contained within it, does not constitute a solicitation to purchase or an offer to sell any securities.

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