We are delighted to announce Crowdvilla Token Sale is finally happening through GBX Grid, an institutional-grade token launch platform from GBX (Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange). GBX is a subsidiary of GSX (Gibraltar Stock Exchange).

Crowdvilla token ecosystem consists of three ERC20 tokens: CRV, CROWD, and REI:

  • CRV denotes allocation of time-value for the use of all properties in the Crowdvilla portfolio. By holding on to CRV holders will be able to generate CROWD perpetually.
  • CROWD denotes the actual one-off use (burnable) token to stay in the property.
  • REI is a membership token to the ecosystem, whose holder enjoys benefits such as discounts when utilizing their CROWD token. …

With a blockchain alternative, resources are not only shared, but can be entirely owned in spirit by the community of sharers themselves.

By Alan Kong

IT is strange to think that many of the world’s most accomplished businesses today are built on the philosophy of sharing. But can we take a step back and be real for a second about whether these multi-billion dollar corporations are truly ‘sharing’?

Airbnb has become one of the forefathers of this radical new sharing economy, born in a time when the real world economy was failing. …

By Liew Min Shan

Over the weekend, I spent some time doing research for an upcoming personal trip. This usually means I trawl online forums for travel advice, look at flight prices during the planned travel dates, and availability of holiday accommodation. This made me really think about the thought process of travellers preparing for their holiday trips, and how the Crowdvilla model is relevant to the way we value holiday accommodations today.

Selecting a holiday accommodation is a demanding task. It requires a lot of time and energy, partly because of the amount of variation in the types of holiday accommodation — there are hotels, villas, B&Bs, apartments, houses and so on, each choice with its pros and cons. By and large, however, most travellers will have to shortlist from thousands of holiday accommodation choices by balancing their budget against their needs for the trip. …

Radical blockchain startup Crowdvilla, which recently launched with aims to democratise real estate ownership worldwide, are announcing their industry-leading line up of advisors today.

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“We’re thrilled to reveal our new board of advisors and look forward to utilising their expertise and guidance as we work to decentralise the concentration of property ownership worldwide”, said Darvin Kurniawan Co-Founder and CEO of Crowdvilla.

Joining to the team is Paul Chen, Achim Jedelsky and John Dean Markunas, who collectively bring their decades of experience in the real estate industry, and a refined knowledge that spans across the Asian, European and American markets.

These three new advisors will help Crowdvilla transform the global sharing economy and craft a new paradigm of community-driven home sharing. …

Hello everyone! Our Token Sale is right around the corner and we would like to announce that we are using the ENS (Ethereum Name Service) Domain sale.crowdvilla.eth for all your contributions.

Once again, we will use an ENS address for our token sale: SALE.CROWDVILLA.ETH

If you receive unsolicited messages or emails from parties asking you to send ETH to any wallet address (“0x…”), do not be fooled — that’s not us! Our admins will NEVER send you unsolicited emails or messages. Scammers will try to impersonate admins, so please be vigilant if you receive messages asking for any contributions.

The only way to contribute to our project is throughhttps://sale.crowdvilla.io/ (which will be up soon). …

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We are proud to announce that Crowdvilla’s Smart Contract Audit was recently performed by New Alchemy, with no critical issues identified.

Over the past few months our Slack channel (as many others) has been bombarded by scammers trying to make a quick buck out of the community. We feel that Slack has become an unsafe environment and we want to do something about it.

Moving forward we have set up our Rocket Chat channel here: https://chat.reidao.io and we will be shutting down our Slack channel for good.

If you want to keep yourself updated with our progress and want to immerse yourself in the ups and downs we have along the way, please consider joining our Rocket Chat channel.

See you there!

More communication channels:
- Twitter: https://twitter.com/REIDAOio
- Telegram: https://t.me/reidao
- Rocket Chat: https://chat.reidao.io
- Reddit: https://reddit.com/r/REIDAO

Digital Copy of Real Estate

Darvin Kurniawan (Founder & CEO)

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REIDAO Tokenization Illustration

Announcement Update 1 Dec 2017:
REIDAO has been hard at work for the past 1.5 years to create digital assets/tokens that are backed by real assets. Along the way we realized that there are a few challenges that might not be appropriate at this point of time to be addressed head on (we will publish a separate post outlining our reasoning on this). …

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We are delighted to announce yet another collaboration with another project that has similar vision like ours — to transform real estate industry.

RexMLS is building decentralized global real estate listing service that will connect vendors, buyers and agents over a powerful open network that rewards participants for their contributions. Rex will also be building a decentralized asset exchange, called RexDex, for tokenized assets as part of their future roadmap.

REIDAO has been looking around to collaborate with potential partners so that REIDAO property tokens can be traded and exchanged, and we are confident RexDex will be able to fulfil that role. …

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We are happy to announce REIDAO partnership with Civic — Secure Identity Platform.

As REIDAO is dealing with an asset class that is highly regulated, KYC (Know Your Customer) has been an area that we are paying attention to. We have been looking for a solution that will be able to support us in this area and we are glad that we found it.

For our upcoming Proof of Concept fundraising event, users that have already signed up with Civic will be able to use their Civic credentials to register with REIDAO, and likewise users that signed up directly with REIDAO will have the opportunity to port their registration information to Civic so that they can reuse them with other services with ease. …


REIDAO — Digitising Real Estate Ownership

We are creating Digital Assets whose values are backed by real estates.

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