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REKT Token
Feb 21 · 2 min read

We have rescued an abandonated deflationary project with new features. Together we will get the project forward!

What is REKT?

The REKT Token Experiment is a low-supply, fractional, deflationary currency experiment, built upon the revolutionary concept and design of BOMB, architects of the deflationary currency model invented by Zachary Dash and his amazing team. $REKT Token has a total supply of 100,000 and 0.1% of each transfer is burned. $REKT has 18 decimals, allowing for fractional transfers.

With the creation of deflationary currencies, we have witnessed a paradigm shift. It has - in essence - commoditized the blockchain community as a utility, rather than centralized project technical design and management. This has led to the core questions underlying The REKT Token Experiment.

What happens when community and crowd-sourcing is the primary use case in a fair, unobstructed economic and social sandbox environment?

Can meaningful ideas, design and concepts come to life from within a community, with a small conceptual team moderating the process?

What will happen when organic growth and design evolution is allowed to take place, without the business pressure of profitability and forced directional growth? Or when human emotional pressures of self-interest, and greed are eliminated from the equation as much as possible?

The REKT Token Experiment has no funding by design. No ICO, no IEO, no Private Placement or OTC transactions of any kind. There is no central company or entity controlling the process. All core team members are volunteers with a deep passion for blockchain technology and an intellectual interest in understanding more about the correlations of community in an economic and social environment.

It is imperative that the blockchain community understands that The REKT Token Experiment is conceptual by design. The $REKT Token has no intrinsic value at this time. We urge you to exercise extreme caution if you participate in any exchange of fungible assets for this conceptual, theoretical and experimental token. If you engage in the transacting of the $REKT Token, you do so at your own risk. This experiment has as much possibility of success as it does failure, and the community must be prepared for any possible outcome.

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REKT Token

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We have rescued a great deflationary project, now with a 0.001% burn. REKT stays here forever!

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