Here’s why we are launching the very first startup for conversational journalism

Aug 25, 2016 · 6 min read

What is Resi?

Resi is finally here.

What is so special about Resi?

Yes. It. Is.

Some of the core features of our Resi app:

All followed topics in one place

How did Resi come to life?

This is exactly how it went. Really.

Who should use Resi?

People like this ambitious young lady are perfect users for Resi.

What’s your vision for Resi?

“If you have visions, go to the doctor!”

If you like Resi or find this article helpful, give us a ♥— and share the text with your friends. Resi will appreciate it.

Plus: You should definitely follow Resi on Twitter »

Thanks to Theresa Rentsch


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