Updates before final agenda

Less than seven days until the end of the Call for Papers and just some updates before the final schedule.

Currently we still don’t know if there will be any extension of the deadline, in that case it will be communicated on our website and socials after February.

The first week of March we will confirm the selected speakers and build the final agenda (or partial agenda in case of extension) that will be published immediately after.

Participation at the event is for invited guests only as revealed few days ago.

There are no tickets available to buy and no costs for the participants.

The first category of our guests present at the event is the press: journalists, reporters and writers working for newspapers, news websites, IT magazines and infosec blogs.
Participants are selected based on their past and current works, articles and interests in the following fields: technology and IT, cyber security and crime, law and justice, politics and social.

The presentations selected for the conference touch various aspects of the two topics on which the event is focused, including privacy, regulations and legislation.
Just this month two important cases in Hong Kong reached and are going to reach the final appeal court, the event will be a good occasion for discussing them and talk about cyberlaws.

The cyber activism topic is a good occasion for learning more about such movements in Asia and for increasing the public awareness on it, while open source intelligence may be useful for improving the own abilities with fact checking and for verifying sources and information. Doesn’t surprise that OSINT is often discussed in journalism conferences around the world.

The event is focused on Asia and various countries will be covered by the speakers, it will be interesting to see how the same topics are handled in different ways on the “neighborhood”.

The second category of our guests covers the government sector and government organizations like law enforcement agencies, national CERTs, ministries, public funded associations, regulatory bodies and so on.

The total amount of seats available for our invited guests is 50, plus 11 additional seats reserved for the guests of the selected speakers who can invite colleagues and people professionally interested in participating.

Well, it’s going to be an interesting “ecosystem”.

Please note that the event is intentionally free from external sponsors and therefore it’s also free from marketing and promotional activities. That should make the conference more enjoyable and focused on the topics, after all the tagline of REVULN ’19 is just “Stay focused on Asia” for a reason.

A new post is expected to be written after the release of the final agenda.