by Per.Erichsen

Loyalty programs are popular and exist throughout most service industries including: retail, banking, travel, hospitality, e-commerce etc…

The program is a popular way for Hospitality Brands to reward their customers for new and repeat purchases — whether its a hotel room, tour, car rental or air fare. …

The “REWARD” coin program was designed to remove much of the restriction and limitations found in many traditional Legacy based Loyalty Programs. Being electronic, the Coins are marketable and can be exchanged depending on their value across different travel exchanges.

  • Earned Coins will never expire.
  • They are not personal and can be transferred to anyone at anytime.
  • You can use the coins with any merchant accepting the coin as payment.
  • They can be exchanged to money at anytime.

- Introduction

REWARD is the cryptocurrency used by the platform, Loyalty Rewards Coin (REWARD) will be introduced first with the launch of travel site, where customers signing up, sharing and buying products will be rewarded for their brand loyalty with REWARD Coins, which they may collect or spend…


Loyalty Rewards Coin (REWARD) The Next Generation Loyalty Platform.

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