Sanders: “Democrats Cannot Politicize” Russia Investigation
Val Perry

WOW. This pure hatred and obsession you have.

Apparently, Bernie Sanders can do no right by you unless he totally surrenders, submits fully to Hillary Clinton and the neoliberal wing of the Democratic Party, and simply commits suicide along with his followers, a la Jim Jones’ cult.

It doesn’t even matter if he has repeatedly condemned the “conspiracy” of Russia’s “hacking” of the election, and called repeatedly for Trump to be held accountable.

I’m betting if Sanders even went so far as to call openly for Trump’s impeachment and conviction, it still wouldn’t be enough to feed your revenge fantasies onto him for costing your shero Hillary Clinton her supposedly earned Presidency.

Maybe it wasn’t so much Bernie Sanders to blame for your favored candidate’s loss, but her own failings as a candidate, and her own failed campaign that catered to exactly the wrong mood, the wrong constituencies, and the wrong approaches to campaigning against a candidate who should have been easily vanquished.

I won’t even get into the smears and lies you and other rabid Hillary fanatics have posted about Sanders’ voting record, his proven activism for women’s rights and civil rights, or his attempts to utilize the Democratic Party as a tool for progressive social change. I suppose that won’t change your mind in any way.

If this be the new “progressive” Democratic approach to winning, then I thank the heavens I am a Left Independent. Maybe the problem is that Bernie Sanders needs to take the hints from neoliberals like you and simply leave the Democrats and move his movement to a better ground.

BTW…I am a working class Black male who is a radical on women’s reproductive rights and race; and I’m pretty critical of Sanders from the Left. If you construe that as me being a “Bernie Bro”, then that’s your issue….not mine.

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