2017 Edinburg Mayoral Forum

The following 13 questions were taken from submissions from other UTRGV student organizations, and from the collaborative efforts of the College Republicans and Progressive Young Democrats.

You can view recording of lives steam here: https://www.facebook.com/utrgvdems/posts/1764472373852656

Bianca: Each candidate will have 2 minutes to answer each question. There are no rebuttals allowed, nor should they be necessary, as answers should focus on the candidate's own policies, not on their opponents. Candidates will be given a visual time warning at 1 minute and then again at 30 seconds.

  1. Mimosa: The following question was submitted by the Environmental Awareness Club at UTRGV - As the Valley continues to grow, so does the amount cars on the road. Would Edinburg be able to implement a public transportation system that connects with Valley Metro and McAllen Metro to help ease traffic and lessen Co2 emissions?
  2. Bianca: Edinburg residents want to know about tax rates - under your leadership, will taxes be lowered, or will they stay the same, and under what circumstances, if any, would you find raising taxes to be appropriate?
  3. Mimosa: In light of the recent disasters and our location near the gulf coast, what is your plan for hurricane preparedness, especially with regard to vulnerable populations that can be difficult to evacuate, like nursing home residents and jail inmates?
  4. Bianca: Many residents are concerned with the flooding on the East Side of Edinburg. As Mayor, how would you address this issue?
  5. Mimosa: The following question was submitted by the Muslim Student Association at UTRGV - As the city rapidly grows, Edinburg's community thrives and diversifies, especially in the religious makeup of the city. What do you as a candidate have in mind to support interfaith work and build bridges between various religious groups as a means of uniting the city?
  6. Bianca: As students and as Texans, many of us are still very shaken up by the recent tragic murder of a campus police officer at Texas Tech University. As Mayor, how will you work to protect the lives of our law enforcement officers from those who would seek to harm them?
  7. Mimosa: This question was submitted by the Young Democratic Socialists Club at UTRGV — If elected, do you have any plants to implement a city-wide recycling program and/or other long term sustainability programs, and how would you go about doing that?
  8. Bianca: There has been some dispute about the financial state of Edinburg - is the city in debt or not, and as mayor, how will you address this issue?
  9. Mimosa: The following question was submitted by the Black Student Union at UTRGV — As mayor, how would you work with the police and justice department to ensure equal justice for black citizens?
  10. Bianca: — There is increasing concern in the community about the monopolization of healthcare options by Doctor’s Hospital at Renaissance. As mayor, what would you do to bring more healthcare options to the community, and how would you incentive the development of new and non-profit hospitals in the area?
  11. Mimosa: As UTRGV grows, parking becomes an issue of greater and greater concern. Edinburg city ordinances around parking and parking structures have been one of the many obstacles involved in solving this issue. As mayor, how will you work with UTRGV to improve the parking situation?
  12. Bianca:Citizens are concerned about how our municipal government spends our tax dollars. Can you briefly describe where our tax dollars will go and how they will be used under your leadership, and how you will make that information transparent and accessible throughout your term?
  13. Mimosa: The following question was submitted by the LUCHA club at UTRGV — Many cities across the state have joined together in a lawsuit against the anti-sanctuary city law SB4. Immigrant rights advocates condemn the law as racist, while others, like Hidalgo County Sheriff Eddie Guerra say the law makes us safer. Where do you stand, and would you support the city of Edinburg joining this lawsuit?

Bianca: Each candidate will now be allowed to make a 4 minute closing statement

*closing statements*

Mimosa: Thank you all for coming, and a special thank you to our candidates. We encourage everyone to stick around for a meet and greet with the candidates.