Really liked this . My generation and millenials wont understand this ,
abhay dhar

A significant part of the problem is not accidental, but has been engineered by the US government and the agribusiness industry. What I’m referring to are farm subsidies, to the tune of $20B per year. They are primarily paid for growing corn, wheat and soybeans, which are the main ingredients in processed food, especially in the form of corn syrup, which is one of the culprits behind the obesity and diabetes epidemics. The lobbyists and politicians are hiding behind “farm”, making it sound like they’re supporting family farmers trying to make ends meet, but the reality is that the money goes to large conglomerates.

If we subsidized carrots and kale, carrots and kale would be cheap, but we subsidize №2 Field Corn, and sugary processed food is cheap, and the national health suffers. We have to make it an issue with our politicians and change that equation, in addition to the suggestions in your article.

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