Maddening traffic on Ponce: what to do?
Darin Givens

I live on the Scott Blvd section of US-29 (before the road widens at N Decatur Rd) and the reason traffic is so awful is because of Stone Mountain Freeway and commuters driving to Midtown from Stone Mountain, Tucker, and other OTP suburbs. The traffic is the result of the Atlanta Freeway revolt in the 1970s and GDOT’s decision to not move forward with I-485. This was a very good thing, however, a side effect was that the completed portion of I-485 (now Stone Mountain Freeway) empties onto US-29 (Scott Blvd, Ponce Ave). The road design is so poor that it creates incredibly dangerous conditions (highway-like speeds, high volume, and little pedestrian infrastructure on a road surrounded by homes, schools, and public parks). City of Decatur has tried for decades to get GDOT to improve the safety of US-29 to no avail. The blame for the current conditions lies squarely with GDOT. What is really needed is a MARTA line to extend from Five Points to Lawrenceville so that suburban commuters had another option for traveling into the city.

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