i hope you find real love

how did you get here, how in the hell did this happen. your heart is sinking, you’ve been over thinking. your heart is heavy and you’ve been tired. how did you get here? maybe you fell for him because of the manipulation. maybe you fell for him because you were lonely. maybe you fell for a man who couldn’t love you because of his ability to tell you everything you wanted to hear at the exact time that you needed to hear it. here you are reading this looking for a sign or maybe a reminder of what you should look for instead. you can’t hate yourself for being able to love someone without conditions, your ability to love someone unconditionally is truly a blessing and maybe this failure in finding a love that lasts is a lesson. regardless of where you are or how badly it feels. I need you to understand that you are worthy of more, you deserve so much more and you are strong enough to hold out until you get what you truly deserve and that’s a love that won’t force you into sadness. a love that won’t cause you to compromise your own well being for someone who will never care for you in the way you’ve longed for. I need you to begin looking into yourself for everything you need and more. I need you to remember your power and your ability to overcome all things and anything that comes against you. I need you to understand this doesn’t have to be your life, I need you to want more for yourself. I need you to understand that this happens often and that you are not alone here. in fact, there are many women reading these words in this exact moment feeling the exact same way that you do right now. you are not alone here, this is a place of realization and reflection. it’s time for you to start taking back your life and it’s time for you to take back the love you’ve wasted on all of those people who were never worthy. you got here because you desire something real and you’re here now because you realize that the person you thought to be the truth was lying all along and that’s the first step to moving on. understanding that the person you want may not be the one you need and that person may never be capable of providing the type of love you deserve.

I hope you find yourself and after you rediscover who you are, I hope you then find a love that enriches your entire life….