loving the wrong person is suicide. you’re literally killing yourself for a love life that doesn’t even exist. you’re literally killing yourself for someone who is incapable of loving you correctly. in this very moment as you read these fucking words, you are dying. you are dying to live a life that is filled with the type of love that your partner refuses to give you. the type of love that they’ll never provide because they’re comfortable with mistreating you and you’ve grown comfortable with allowing them to destroy whatever life you have left. you’re so fucking unhappy and instead of being happy, you pretend to be happy with someone who cares nothing about your happiness.

it seems as if i’m the only who cares now because it’s become obvious that you no longer give a fuck about your insanity because you continue to hold on to someone who is killing your peace of mind. you’ve decided to continue the pursuit of a person who would rather drive you mad than to protect your mind and heart. stress is a silent killer and you are slowly dying with every moment you waste on a relationship that feels more like your own personal hell. you’re slowing dying while reading this. each fucking word, each letter, you’re starting to accept it, wait…you’ve probably already realized that the one you love will not fight for you but you’ve made the decision to stay and what’s fucked up is that you’ll probably stay a bit longer even after reading this. you’re so full of shit because they fill you up with so much empty emotional b.s. about feeling things that they’ll never feel. making promises without any follow through. you’re so fucking tired that instead of fighting to let go, you fight to hold on and when you’re so close to walking away, they claim to be sorry, they claim to love you and even though you know they’re full of shit, you take them back because somewhere along the way you stopped believing in yourself, you stopped loving yourself. your self esteem has taken a hit due to your refusal to walk away from the very person who refuses to take care of you. the wrong relationship is suicide, stop killing yourself. life is too short.

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