my good woman

i still remember the first day, the first night, that original moment of heartfelt bliss. that moment of nirvana and satisfaction. that memory of my heart racing to get to someone like her. my good woman, a Queen before i arrived. strong and courageous, beautiful like roses in full bloom. she had thorns but i didn’t care, i was willing to hold her close. i was ready to be delighted by her presence. i wanted so badly to be the recipient of whatever love she had left within her heart.

Samantha King has become my heart’s song, the symphony of my soul, the melody that loops continuously in my mind. i’ve fallen in love with the sounds that sit upon her tongue, resting on her lips, filling the air. i am so full of her, Samantha, i am so full of you. so full of love..

a good woman, my good woman…i love you..

to the courageous, to the loving. to the women who wish only to be loved in a way that brings life to an aching heart, i hope you find it. i hope you discover a love that makes your heart swell but first, find everything you need within yourself. what i want you to understand is that true love begins from within and i believe that you are strong enough to cultivate true love on your own. this is the first step to discovering something real outside of yourself with someone who love you just as hard as you love yourself. i found Samantha because she found herself. i love Samantha because i love myself enough to be able to appreciate the love of someone else and vice versa. the love you require is real. the love you deserve is real…..never settle for less than you give yourself…

self love first…

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